I love Scott Lay’s “The Nooner” e-mail, but it looks like Mr. Lay took the “Tait for Congress” mix-up seriously: today he added Tom Tait to the list of “probable candidates” for CD45:

Nooner Tait Congress


Over at Orange Juice Blog, the commissars are not pleased that I posted about this funny but innocuous campaign faux pas. She spent way more time blogging about my post than I spent on the post itself, because even hallucinated criticism of whomever Cynthia is worshiping at the moment is not to be tolerated! Her comrade David Zenger — currently suing the County of Orange in an attempt to shake $1 million of our tax dollars from county coffers into his pocket — is also put out by this “attack” on Tom Tait. The outrage from this little band of cut throats is funny — in a sad, demented sort of way.