AUHSD Parents Launch Recall Of Three District Trustees

A group of Anaheim Union High School District parents upset at the sudden and unexplained sacking without cause of Superintendent Elizabeth Novack, have decided to launch a campaign to recall the three AUHSD Trustees Al Jabbar, Katherine Smith and Annemarie Randel-Trejo who voted for the termination, an action opposed by Trustees Brian O’Neal and Anna Piercy.

Lori Diniwddie, one of the parents leading the effort, sent out this e-mail this morning:

We have decided to move forward with the recall of trustee’s Smith, Jabbar and Annemarie Randel-Trejo.  

After last night’s board meeting, I have been overwhelmed with support for the recall.  

This is your chance, I need 10 registered voters to sign the documents to start the recall process. Please let me know if this is something you would be willing to do. 

As well, we have begun a facebook support page, so please go to, , and like and share! 

This financial irresponsibility must end now! 

Lori Dinwiddie

Recalls are difficult.


  1. CUSD all over again.

  2. It is comforting to see the parents stand up to this senseless act. Let’s hope the recall is successful.

  3. AUHSD parent and educator

    I am appalled that they fired the superintendent. Finally, good things were happening in AUHSD. It is always the people who know the least about education who make these idiotic decisions. I support the recall of these board members and I hope the community does not support them in the next election.

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