Mayor Pro Tem Selection Tonight

Virtually all city councils conduct their reorganization in December, electing their mayor and mayor pro tem. Since Anaheim has a directly elected mayor, tonight’s reorganization is for the MPT spot, currently held by Gail Eastman.

Generally speaking, councils tend to rotate the mayor pro tem position (although it can get political) so everyone gets a turn; although rotation really hasn’t been the rule in Anaheim.

Councilmembers Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman have yet to serve in the position, and since Murray is entering her fourth year in office and Brandman just his second, ordinarily it would stand to reason Murray would get the MPT nod. Although Councilwoman Lucille Kring has served two terms on the city council, she has never been Mayor Pro Tem; I don’t know whether or not she has any wish to be Mayor Pro Tem as she challenges Mayor Tom Tait for re-election.

We shall see.

Here’s a handy list of those who have served as Mayor Pro Tem since 1984 (taken from the staff report):

2013 – Gail Eastman

2012 (Apr-Dec 2012) – Harry Sidhu

2012 (Jan-Apr 2012) – Lorri Galloway

2011 – Harry Sidhu

2010 – Harry Sidhu

2009 – Bob Hernandez

2008 – Bob Hernandez

2007 – Bob Hernandez

2006 – Richard Chavez

2005 – Richard Chavez

2004 – Richard Chavez

2003 – Tom Tait

2002 – Frank Feldhaus

2001 – Shirley McCracken

2000 – Shirley McCracken

1999 – Shirley McCracken

1998 – Lou Lopez

1997 – Lou Lopez

1996 – Lou Lopez

1995 – Frank Feldhaus

1994 – Fred Hunter

1993 – Bob Simpson

1992 – Tom Daly

1991 – William D. Ehrle

1990 – Irv Pickler

1989 – Miriam Kaywood

1988 – Irv Pickler

1987 – Miriam Kaywood

1986 – Irv Pickler

1985 – E. Lewellyn Overholt, Jr.

1984 – Irv Pickler

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  1. The position of Mayor Pro Tem has been held by Hipanic politicians a great number of times. What a surprise!

  2. Good point, Reade.

  3. I heard an hour before the meeting Tait will announce he wants the job for himself. Since the rules didn’t matter when doing it at OCTA, why not do it here too?

  4. Since the Mayor abstains or refuses to vote on most items, the Mayor Pro Tem will be very busy.

  5. Maybe Tom Tait can nominate John Leos for Mayor Pro Tem. He nominates him for everything else.

  6. Not a surprise that Tom Tait’s council colleagues only voted to let him be Mayor Pro Tem once. We should have seen this coming.

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