“This settlement gives us the opportunity to go to the ballot box in November to resoundingly say that we want to have local representation in Anaheim,” said Jose Moreno, an Anaheim City School District board member who joined the American Civil Liberties Union and two other Anaheim residents in suing the city over how elections are held. – OC Register, January 8, 2014

Moreno, as the lead plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit, has been suing the City of Anaheim since June 2012 to impose single-member council districts. He has has held forth repeatedly at council meetings and other public forums that single-member districts are utterly necessary to ensure Latinos are represented on the City Council (let’s leave aside the radical notion that a citizen can only truly be represented by someone of their race or ethnicity).

And yet, Moreno has refused to take any action to bring single-member district representation to the Anaheim City School District, despite that all the conditions he points to in the City of Anaheim are even more present in the ACSD. All it takes is a simple vote of the ACSD Board of Education and a waiver from the state and bam! – Moreno and his fellow trustees could seek re-election from “authentic” single-member districts this year.Amazingly, no media outlet, large or small, has ever reported on this glaring disconnect between rhetoric and action.