City Contracts Brush Clearance to Goats

goatsThis came over the transom a little while ago:

City of Anaheim To Employ Goat Herd to Clear Hillside Brush in East Anaheim

ANAHEIM, CA – (January 9, 2014) During the week of January 13-17, Anaheim Fire & Rescue and the Department of Public Works will utilize a tried-and-true method to clear brush in the City’s right-of-way on eastbound Santa Ana Canyon Road between Lakeview Avenue and Royal Oak Road. A herd of goats will be Anaheim’s newest guests, and our four-legged friends will replace traditional machinery to clear the area of overgrown hillside brush.

This environmentally friendly and cost-effective method will help firefighters protect homes and businesses by creating a defensible space for land and structures. Additionally, this approach provides a safer route than commercial methods, while giving spectators a fun, visual experience as the goats enjoy their meal.

During this period, please note the following points meant to ensure the worksite runs smoothly as the goats do their duty:

  • No parking will be allowed along Santa Ana Canyon Road except for the City’s contractor and City employees.
  • The contractor will install an approved low voltage electric fence typically used to contain the goats. Please do not touch the fence.
  • Herd dogs will be used to protect the goats. Please do not bring any pets to the worksite, as they may create a disturbance for the herd.
  • Please take extra care to secure your pets when work is adjacent to your lot/property.

If you notice loose goats, stray dogs, trespassers or any other related issue, please call 714-765-6860.

For more information on this program, please visit

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  1. Are these goats union members? What about the goat herders? Is the OCEA going to attack the city for outsourcing city jobs to goats?

  2. Thanks for the chuckle, anaheimster!

  3. Seems like a good idea to me, but there are always people for whom it doesn’t take much to get their goat, so to speak.

  4. Greg Diamond wasn’t available?

  5. But Zenger is and I hear he’s looking for another government job.

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