AD65 Watch: Young Kim Fundraiser on February 13

Assembly District 65 includes the portion of western Anaheim that’s basically west of Euclid and north of Katella. It’s represented by Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva, the former Fullerton councilmember who upset incumbent Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby in 2012. Among other votes she cast in her first year, Quirk-Silva voted to abolish the state’s Enterprise Zone program, including Anaheim’s.

In her first re-election run, she faces an energetic Republican opponent in Young Kim, a staffer for Rep. Ed Royce, who has been representing much of what is AD65 since 1982 (in the state Senate and since 1992 in Congress).

Young Kim has done quite a job clearing the field on the GP side and united the party behind her. Her fundraising is strong, she works hard, has an attractive personality and brings into play elements the run-of-the-mill GP candidate ordinarily doesn’t. AD65 will be battleground in November.

She’s holding a fundraising event this February 13 in Fullerton from 5:30 – 7:3-0 p.m. at the Hotel Fullerton:

Young Kim 2-13-14 fundraiser


Click here for the full invitation with more even and RSVP information.


  1. Does Young Kim want to bring back Enterprise Zones? Did she oppose the termination of Enterprise Zones? This would be good to know, and would make your complaint about Sharon’s vote more relevant.

    • Vern, there’s this thing called a voting record. Each legislator has one. Elections are about voters judging third elected representatives on their voting records. That’s why it is relevant.

      Do you understand now?

      • Sure, sure. A couple of things you don’t seem to get:

        1. I realize this is a little blog for the sorts of folks who love gravy trains like Enterprise Zones, but a lot of people right and left, Democrat and Republican, consider a vote against Enterprise Zones to be a good one. I don’t agree with everything Sharon’s done, but I think that is one of her good and brave votes.

        2. Matt’s bringing up Enterprise Zones in this context would be a lot more interesting and relevant if Young Kim has ever said anything about Enterprise Zones. Did she speak out against their termination? Does she have a plan to try to bring them back if she gets elected? Does she even know what they are? All I’ve heard her say is I’m Asian and a woman, I worry a lot about bathrooms, and did I mention I’m Asian and I’m a woman?

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Realizing that you have about the same interest in the truth as a vegan has in a porterhouse steak, I’ll keep it simple for you, Vern: Quirk-Silva voted to kill a program that was providing jobs for Anaheim residents – her constituents. Her vote had a direct impact on them. What if any position Young Kim has on the EZ program is beside the point. If you are too obtuse to understand that, that’s on you.

          By your reasoning, Quirk-Silva’s votes only matter insofar as Young Kim has a position on them.

          And you sound a little worried about the election in AD65, Vern. You go and write a couple of blog posts and if Quirk-Silva gets re-elected you can claim it was due to the mighty Orange Juice.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          By the way, I saw your fable trying to blame me for Steve Rocco. It is so riddled with errors and plain fiction that I’m almost embarrassed for you.


  2. All I’ve heard is her complaining about boys getting to go into girls’ bathrooms, and bragging about her RACE.

  3. Not Vern Nelson the Fake OC Insider

    How times has Vern been arrested for drunk driving? Once? Twice? Three times? Oh yeah: FOUR times. Why should we care what he thinks?

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