Galloway for mayorThis came over the transom from the Lorri Galloway for Mayor campaign a little whole ago: is Live!

Lorri Galloway has officially launched her campaign to become the next mayor of Anaheim.

Visit the new today.
Get involved! Join together with Lorri Galloway and create a better way for Anaheim’s future.

On Lorri Galloway’s new site you will find:
• Lorri’s story displayed in a new, highly interactive way
• Residents sharing why they will be voting Galloway
• Lorri’s opinions on Anaheim’s key issues
• Ways to volunteer and donate to the campaign
• News and info about upcoming campaign events
Be sure to visit today.

We can’t do this without you!

The Lorri Galloway for Anaheim Mayor 2014 Campaign Team

Is it a coincidence this was sent out at the same time as the Anaheim State of the City luncheon, where the mayor presents his annual State of the City? Probably not.

Galloway filed her campaign report for 2013 on the 16th of this month. She loaned herself $7,000 and had spent $4,000 of it on “Cause Consulting Services” of San Diego (I Googled the firm and turned up na-da).