Correa_portraitAs I posted last week, tomorrow is when Southern California Edison is supposed to select from the power generation proposals it received to its recent Request for Offers (RFO). Among those is Competitive Power Ventures’ proposal for a 400 megawatt power plant on the Ball Road Basin next to Ball Road and the 57 freeway in Anaheim.

Senator Lou Correa sent this letter to SCE President Ronald Litzinger urging Edison to reject CPV’s proposal:

Dear President Litzinger:

I write to express my strong opposition to the proposed construction of a power plant on the Orange County Water District property known as the Ball Road Basin in the City of Anaheim. As a state legislator that has represented the City of Anaheim for the past 16 years, the Ball Road Basin is not an appropriate site for a power plant.

The Ball Road Basin property is currently owned by the Orange County Water District and is zoned for open space by the City of Anaheim. The proposed 300-600 megawatt power plant would negatively affect nearby entertainment and commercial businesses, as well as residents that are in proximity to the proposed site. The City of Anaheim owns its own electric utility and would not benefit from this proposed plant. The City recently opened a power plant a few miles away in an appropriately zoned area. Your agency has already identified this site as a low priority space for generating new electricity.

I have received many phone calls and emails from my constituents regarding their strong opposition to the proposed power plant. As a native of Anaheim, I too stand in opposition to the proposed project. Currently, the Ball Road Basin area is zoned as open space and should be kept as such. The City has expressed interest in building much needed recreation space for its residents. As a teenager that was active in sports and fitness, I saw the need for Anaheim residents to have a space to exercise in an urban area.


I ask that you consider opposing the proposed power plant on the Ball Road Basin. Please contact my District Office at (714) 558-4400 if you have any questions.



California State Senator, 34th Senate District

Kudos to Sen. Correa for stepping up to the plate on this issue. If Edison doesn’t select the CPV proposal, that should end the matter and hopefully open a pathway to a better use of the Ball Road Basin that is compatible with the surrounding area.