Time to review the Form 460 campaign finance disclosure reports filed by the various incumbents and candidates seeking the favor of the voters in November.

Mayor Tom Tait (Republican) is seeking a second term, and is being challenged by Councilwoman Lucille Kring (Republican) and former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway (Democrat). Here their 2013 numbers:

Tom Tait (click here for report)
Raised: $84,574
Spent: $33,411.7
Cash on hand (COH): $73,858.52
Debt: $5,700 (owed to fundraiser Phyllis Schneider)
Loans: $0

Lucille Kring (click here for report)
Spent: $3,896.86
COH: $26,373.14
Debt: $0
Loans: $0

Lorri Galloway (click here for report)
Raised:  $7,000 (personal loan)
Spent:  $4,000
COH:  $3,000
Debt:  $7,000
Loans:   $7,000

For the sake of perspective, keep in mind that Tait was fund raising throughout 2013, raising the bulk of his funds prior to June 30 and $34,749 since then; considering Kring’s late entry and the fact that she didn’t begin raising money until December, her fund raising pace more than kept up with the mayor’s.

However, all the perspective in the world doesn’t change the reality that Mayor Tait has already locked up most of the key slate mailers and has $46,000 more cash on hand than Councilwoman Kring.

Only three people have filed to run for city council: Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray, Councilwoman Gail Eastman and Rodolfo “Rudy” Gaona.

Kris Murray (click here for report)
Raised:  $74,295.99
Spent:  $21,683.65
COH:  $57,777.94
Debt:  $0
Loans:  $0

Gail Eastman (click here for report)
Raised:  $41,858
Spent:  $7,535.31
COH:  $44,581.69
Debt:  $0
Loans:  $0

Eastman didn’t get started on fundraising until late in the year, but both she and Murray have healthy campaign bank accounts as they enter 2014 with 8 months left for fundraising and no credible opponents in sight.