Greg Diamond, "counsel" to CATER

Greg Diamond, “counsel” to CATER

I’ve been told that the Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility (C.A.T.E.R.) – the non-profit creature of Cynthia Ward, Greg Diamond de la Brea, and funder(s) unknown) — is taking legal action against the City of Anaheim for a third time, and supposedly regarding the Angels negotiations and probably over some (real or imagined) procedural error.

We’ll have to see what the complaint says. The last one, penned by Diamond, read more like a blog post than a lawsuit. Maybe Greg – true progressive that he is – will once again try to intimidate critical commenters by threatening to sue to learn their identities.

Maybe these high priests of transparency will reveal who is funding their political group – but that would require walking their talk. Not likely.

UPDATE: Here’s the CATER lawsuit. I recommend consuming an energy drink or strong coffee prior to reading it in order to ward off stupefaction.