UNITE-HERE is 0 for 2 in its litigation against Anaheim Arena Management (AAM), which runs The Honda Center, over AAM’s decision last year against renewing its contract with Aramark and bring food service in-house. A press release from AAM came over the transom yesterday afternoon announcing “the Orange County Superior Court’s ruling on Friday granting a demurrer without leave to amend on the matter of Gonzalez vs. AAM.”

Translation: AAM wins, UNITE-HERE loses.

More from the AAM release:

“We are extremely pleased by the court’s decision today,” said AAM General Counsel Bernard Schneider. “Throughout this process we’ve remained confident that our actions were permissible under the law and in the best interest of the millions of guests we serve, as well as those who serve our guests. Today’s ruling certainly validates that assertion and brings to a successful end all litigation asserted by the union and former Aramark employees as a result of the termination of the Aramark concession agreement.”

“Since bringing the food and beverage portion of our business in-house, we’ve worked to assemble an inspired team of people to provide our guests with the highest level of service and a great experience at our venue,” said AAM Vice President of Human Resources, Jay Scott. “As a team, we’ve accomplished many exciting things together and are confident we’ll continue to get even better in the years to come.”

“With a food and beverage team now consisting of over 850 employees, we’ve seen a net increase of more than 300 jobs since the transition,” continued Scott. “We’ve taken significant steps toward our goal of creating the industry’s best and most inspired food and beverage team and we look forward to continuing that work.”

More jobs, Better food service. And according to the OC Register, more than 150 of those employees are former Aramark employees. What’s not to like?

If you’re UNITE-HERE Local 11, you don’t like the loss of members – or rather, dues revenue from members. UNITE-HERE represented the Aramark employees who used to work The Honda Center – those who were kept on as AAM employees are no longer UNITE-HERE members. As with any other enterprise, it is a numbers game for unions. Members=Money.