SOAR PAC Endorses Gail Eastman and Kris Murray for Re-Election

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray

This was announced at the SOAR PAC fundraiser last week, but the press release came over the transom yesterday:

S.O.A.R. PAC Endorses Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray and Council Member Gail E. Eastman for Anaheim City Council

Murray and Eastman will Continue to Support the Anaheim Resort District’s Vitality

ANAHEIM, CA – Support Our Anaheim Resort District (S.O.A.R.) PAC, has announced its endorsement for Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray and Council Member Gail Eastman for reelection to Anaheim City Council. After careful consideration, S.O.A.R. PAC endorsed Murray and Eastman because of their continued support to the Anaheim Resort District and their dedication to funding and improving vital city services to Anaheim residents.

“When Kris Murray and Gail Eastman were elected in 2010, the economy was struggling, and the city was facing significant financial obstacles. Under their leadership, they have created private sector jobs, increased city revenues without raising taxes and begun the process of growing the city out of the recession,” said Jill Kanzler, S.O.A.R. PAC Political Director. “With the help of Kris and Gail, the city’s economic engine is flourishing and that translates into more revenue for city services like parks, police, fire and libraries.”

“While on the city council, Gail and Kris have fulfilled their promise with voters to protect and improve all of our neighborhoods, ensure the public’s safety and invest in infrastructure improvements. These actions create a better Anaheim not only for today but also for future generations. And as we did in 2010, we are reaffirming our support for them and endorsing their candidacies for Anaheim City Council,” continued Kanzler. “We encourage Anaheim residents to vote Gail Eastman and Kris Murray to a second term.”

S.O.A.R. PAC is the political arm of S.O.A.R., a broad grassroots coalition of over 10,000 members which include local business owners, community leaders and Anaheim residents. Its mission is to educate area residents about the Anaheim Resort District and the critical services it funds such as police and fire, park and libraries. S.O.A.R. has an active and committed Advisory Board comprised of former elected officials, neighborhood leaders and business leaders representing all regions of Anaheim.

For more information about S.O.A.R., please visit our website at

This isn’t really a surprise, since the SOAR PAC endorsed both Eastman and Murray in 2010.

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  1. It is actually kinda sad… SOAR backs policies that will actually ruin small resort orbiented businesses in our city. That crowd wants to give tax subsidies to big business and thus give them an advantage in the free market. I don’t think there are bad people within SOAR, they are just being misled and manipulated. That goes for Eastman and Murray aswell…

  2. A premature articulation. Without knowing the candidates running for the Anaheim City Council, SOAR nevertheless throws it support behind two incumbents. I don’t know either candidate or their positions on city matters. They may be the best candidates on the ballot.

    “Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” said Jesse Unruh. “Politicians depend on money from private interests. . . . Money in politics is what prevents honest debate,” says Dylan Ratigan. Whether it’s reworking the system for electing members of the city council, understanding that offering tax benefits to build hotels is not a tax giveaway, or renegotiating a lease for a stadium with a guy who doesn’t know where his team plays—special interests rule.

    But isn’t this announcement too early for SOAR or any financial supporter of any candidate? This endorsement evidences principally that Eastman and Murray vote in ways that please SOAR members, an organization with special interests. And special interests are what’s killing our political system. No longer do elected officials vote in the best interest of the people but in the best interest of special interest groups, which supply the money to finance campaigns–and for which they expect favorable votes in return.

  3. Stand For Anaheim

    SOAR joins police and fire who have all agreed that Murray and Eastman are the best for the job. Anyone is better than whomever Tait is going to put up. Congrats to SOAR for taking a stand and supporting good people.

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