Anaheim City School Board Member James Vanderbilt Running for Anaheim City Council

Anaheim City School District Trustee James Vanderbilt

Anaheim City School District Trustee James Vanderbilt

On February 18, we posted about a campaign poll of Anaheim voters testing various messages and reactions to a number of candidates – including Anaheim City School Board Trustee James Vanderbilt. As it turns out, Vanderbilt had formed a council candidate committee – “Vanderbilt 100% Anaheim – City Council 2014” four days earlier.

Judging by message selection and they key words and phrases to which respondents were asked to react, the poll was most likely paid for the by Tom Tait for Mayor campaign. Among other things, respondents were asked if they were more or less likely to support James Vanderbilt for city council if they knew he was endorsed by Tait.

Vanderbilt is a former member of the Anaheim Planning Commission and was first elected to the ACSD Board of Trustees in 2004 (when he ran as James Vanderbilt-Linares). His endorsement history is pretty establishment: John Koos for council in 2002 (Koos’s public affairs firm has been engaged by the Tait campaign); Jordan Brandman for AUHSD Board in 2010; Tom Daly for Assembly in 2012.

So, it looks more and more like Vanderbilt will be part of the presumed “Tait Slate” for city council, and part of an effort by the mayor to replace his colleagues Kris Murray and Gail Eastman with candidates of his own choosing. Vanderbilt has the advantage of having been elected by Anaheim voters three times, he’s a veteran and he is of Latino ancestry.


  1. Boomshakalacka. Go get’em, Jim.

  2. Stand For Anaheim

    He does not have a chance. James is a horrible candidate.

  3. How sad that Tom Tait would drag this guy through the mud with him. But, I guess Vanderbilt is desperate.

    He has run for every office imaginable and and is very close to the Democrats. Clearly he is a pawn.

    I wonder if he owns property next to the Anaheim stadium too?

  4. The ignorance runs deep with this one. Yep, I see your point, he is a terrible candidate, who runs for everything, is clearly a closet liberal, and his candidacy shows desperation. Hmm…..let’s see… he ran for (and won) GOP Central Committee, has served on the Planning Commission without a misstep I can find, has run for (and won) twice for school board, the most recent win being pulled off without a campaign, because he was overseas serving his country, and still got re-elected. And the closet liberal has consistent run on the following campaign points, indicative of someone pushing for bigger, more invasive government;

    I will continue to fight the state’s effort to consolidate control of all schools within a large, distant, bureaucratic agency.

    I will continue my successful efforts to reduce over-crowded classrooms in order to create the best possible learning environment for our children.

    I will continue my successful efforts to ensure our students are adequately prepared to advance to junior high school.

    Sounds like a horrible candidate, and true lefty. Did I mention the whole “Special Forces” thing? Go ahead, go negative on him…please. Ryan, I smell fear…do you smell fear over here? Here’s something to ponder….that poll was done before he officially became a candidate, right? What are the odds he is throwing in, following poll results that were discouraging? Yeah, I definitely smell fear over here Ryan. I am going to enjoy this election cycle so much more than I thought I would. Many of us have been begging James to run for higher office for years now, but his military service was his first commitment (did we mention the Special Forces service? Oh, I did?) so seeing him finally jump in to serve a City in desperate need of the integrity he brings to the table makes my heart sing. It is a beautiful day in Anaheim today, and hey Matt, thanks for the head’s up, I guess I missed the formal announcement, this is GREAT NEWS for Anaheim.

    • The knee jerk reaction of the anonymous trolls is a bit telling.

      Come on people. Throwing poo behind a veil at a veteran is a new low.

  5. Most of the knee-jerking is from the little gang of Taitbots who just mimic whatever their Dear Leader says. He could endorse William Fitzgerald or James Robert Reade for council and they’d be all in with glowing commentary.

    • haha like Cynthia would care about this guy if Tait hadn’t told her to. The irony of this statement is incredible.

  6. Stand For Anaheim

    Cynthia- did Mishal or Tom right that crap for you? All you do is spew Tait’s CRAP!

    • 1) The word is “write”. Thanks for that.

      2) Neither of those two individuals would ever write anything that had my name in it.

      3) See item #1.

  7. I am the president of the Orange Republican Women Federated. Our membership is comprised of Republican voters from Orange, Villa Park and Anaheim. Would you be available to make a statement and answer questions at our next meeting on October 16. The meeting starts at 11a.m and adjourns around 2p.m. Location is the Grand Catered Events in Orange.
    Please contact me for further information by responding to my email address.

  8. Larry Herschler

    James is not a strong candidate for office. I do not care what his party is or if he is a liberal or god help us a conservative. I have seen him in action on the ACSD board and he cannot make a decision. He ignores parents, teachers and students and makes decisions like a lap dog. He is led by poor administrators and follows their lead. We need better in Anaheim and he is the worst of a very bad lot running this year. We, in Anaheim, can do better than what and who are running now.


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