anaheim_angelsThe OC Register reports on the presentation made to the Anaheim City Council last night by sports consultant Daniel Barrett of Barrett Sports Group. Some excerpts:

A consultant on Tuesday told the City Council that it could cost $600 million to $700 million to relocate the Angels baseball team to another city within Southern California, likely financed with help from an outside investor.

“There have been discussions about Tustin. I don’t know if that’s real or not, but there are potential relocation areas,” said Daniel Barrett, founder of Barrett Sports Group, who is assisting Anaheim city officials with the stadium lease talks.

Barrett speculated that the Angels could also potentially move to Irvine or Industry. He also noted that Los Angeles city officials could change their mind about building a football stadium adjacent to Staples Center and opt instead to build a baseball stadium.

Mayor Tom Tait said he believed it could cost closer to $1 billion to purchase property and build a new stadium. Barrett said he believed the cost to be lower, based on the possibility of an outside investor assisting Moreno with financing or if the team finds a city willing to provide free land. The discussion came after Barrett outlined recent public and private investments to build or renovate four other Major League Baseball stadiums.

I think the takeaway here is that the Angels have relocation options — contrary to the assertions of the naysayers who have confidently claimed the city has the Angels over a barrel because the Angels aren’t going anywhere because they have nowhere to go (although I’m hearing that particular talking point less and less). Personally, I think that if the council majority had not act the extend the opt-out period, the Angels would have already exercised the option.