Federal Jury Clears Anaheim Policeman of Excessive Force Charge

anaheim_riotA federal jury has cleared Anaheim Police Officer Nick Bennallack of using excessive force in the fatal 2012 shooting of Manuel Diaz on Anna Drive. The shooting incident helped spark a night of rioting in downtown Anaheim. From the OC Register:

One of the jurors said that on Anna Drive, where the shooting happened, police could reasonably expect that a man dressed like a gang member and running from them could have a gun. The neighborhood is claimed by an Anaheim gang that was at the center of a multiagency firearms and narcotics investigation.

The jury was instructed to focus only on what Officer Nick Bennallack knew at the time he pulled the trigger, and jury foreman Mark Ross said that was key to deciding the case. The context of the shooting made it reasonable for Bennallack to believe his life and the lives of others were in danger, he said.

“He stated that he was in fear for his life,” Ross said. “You have to look at the totality of everything. How things transpired from beginning to end.”

You can read the rest of the article here.


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  1. Sick of politics

    Thank God!

  2. Diaz’ homie Eastside gangster Flaco is flashing gang signs
    and flipping middle finger wearing bandana over face at Anna Drive
    preparing for Gang War 2014, only weeks away!

    • And Chief Quezada/Welter/Baker/Gaston’s gangster Anaheim cops keep harassing and intimidating while hiding behind the color of authority. You sued them once because of it – remember?

  3. I am sure this is a big disappointment to Tom Tait and his anti-police department agenda.

  4. Stand For Anaheim

    Fitzgerald is a sick human being. When Tait pushed back and called Fitzgerald a “jerk” and pushed back…everyone clapped except Julie Tait. Did she relish Fitzgerald’s attack? Good job Tait for standing up to that creep!

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