William Fitzgerald is at it again, as Dan Chmielewski points out in a post today over at TheLiberalOC.com:

At this week’s council meeting, Fitzgerald was in rare form. Go to the 36:31 mark of this link to watch him in action. And after watching, please note the chamber there were a number of children, ages 6-10, making what’s likely their first visit to city hall and a city council meeting. The kids and their parents were there to commemorate the council’s unanimous approval of the High Ground Youth and Family Services agreement. In fact, the kids presented the colors at the beginning of the meeting for the Pledge of Allegiance, so Mr. Fitzgerald had to know those kids were there. Mayor Tait certainly knew.

Now, we certainly disagree on policy matters with most things the three Republican women on the Anaheim City Council stand for. And Fitzgerald’s MO is not a secret. Fitzgerald, in front of a number of kids, singles out the women on the council and calls them “whores,” “bitches” and “sluts” which had to be a joy for the parents of those kids to hear.

I find it impossible to believe nothing can be done in the face of Fitzgerald’s obscene rants, or that the presiding officer in helpless to act. And it keep in mind the gaggle of critics continually haranguing the council majority consider Fitzgerald to be one of them, more or less, and include him in their online information transmission belt.