Donna Acevedo Says She’s Running for City Council

Mamacheeks-greed-costume-768x1024According to Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly, Donna Acevedo says she will run for Anaheim City Council this year:

“I was already thinking about running before,” the lifelong Anaheim resident tells the Weekly, “but the Manuel Diaz verdict yesterday made me want to do it even more.”

Acevedo has cut a public profile as a political activist since the fatal July 12 shooting of her son Joel, who was a passenger in a stolen car that led Anaheim police on a car chase; he then fled the vehicle and was shot when, according to police, he pulled a gun and was shot by Officer Kelly Phillips ( who was subsequently cleared by the District Attorney’s office).

San Roman reports she has pulled papers to run, although nothing is yet posted on the Anaheim City Clerk’s website.


  1. Stand For Anaheim

    Great! Gang members will take over the council Cannot wait to see this. She is a joke.

    • American city council members who ignore the most serious allegations their constituents can make are not only a joke but subject to criminal prosecution.

  2. Sick of politics

    I can only imagine that policies she will attempt to implement.

    • Yes, like forcing Anaheim police under threat of criminal prosecution to begin respecting the Constitution of the United States and obeying their oath all the time – not just when it’s convenient to make them look good.

  3. I Applaud Council Member Candidate Acevedo
    for being part of the democratic process.
    She has lifted herself up to a new stage in her
    life and should be proud of herself.

  4. Someone should post the videos that she and her friends have proudly put online of her driving around Anaheim and screaming obcenities at police officers with the huge FTP spray painted on her car. And anyone interested in Tait’s support should check out the photos of her at his campaign launch that he proudly posted on his mayoral Facebook page. Only thing left to do is get the Mayor’s endorsement.

  5. Yeah Donna is a regular mother of the year. Transparency means nothing if you have no idea how to read a budget

  6. gabriel san roman

    Kinda sad when James Robert Reade has the nicest thing to say about it in this otherwise den of jackals.

  7. Are you reading the comments on your post about this at OC Weekly. These comments are tame compared to those.

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