City Council Approves Anaheim Convention Center Expansion

The Anaheim City Council voted to approve the seventh expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center in its 47-year history. A long parade of speakers representing a broad spectrum of Anaheim – large and small businesses, labor, homeowners, activists — spoke enthusiastically in favor of approving the expansion.

Only Mayor Tom Tait dissented, unsuccessfully requesting to continue the item for another month.

The official staff presentation laid out various aspects of the expansion: how it would be built, how it would be financed, how it would enable the Convention Center to attract more business, what the economic benefits would be, etc.

Some of those cited:

  • an increase in 705,000 room nights to an upper range of more than 1,000,000 hotel room nights a year.
  • 4,600 with the status quo versus 9,800 when the expansion is completed.
  • An increase in direct spending in Anaheim from $133.8 million today to $160 million annually.
  • An increase in annual TOT revenue from $27.9 million today to $41.8 million.

The weight of evidence really was overwhelmingly in favor of approving the expansion. It was a big win for the city as a whole, and a smart investment in Anaheim’s future. And it was refreshing to be at an Anaheim City Council meeting that was civil, positive and not dominated by ranters and ankle-biters.

Kudos to the council for making a good deal a reality.


  1. Mayor Jack Dutton would approve.

  2. Shirley McCracken

    No surprise. Mayor Tait didn’t vote for the last expansion or the Disney renovation of the stadium or the replacement of the Anaheim Hills Golf Course clubhouse.

  3. Stand For Anaheim

    Kudos to Murray, Eastman, Brandman and Kring. This project will generate revenue that will improve the lives of residents in Anaheim. Also, it will help businesses stay afloat with high end conventions. This is an exciting, visionary time in Anaheim. Too bad Tait is an idiot and acted like a non-sensicial CHILD last night during the meeting. I am sick and tired of him saying that “I want to support this…but…” Please, we all see right through you. You lack vision and leadership. Please bow out of the November 2014 Mayorial race and SAVE ANAHEIM and allow it to become the visionary city that it once was. GO MURRAY AND EASTMAN in NOVEMBER 2014!

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