One talking point made by advocates of single-member council districts for Anaheim is that is it not a political project of the Left – notwithstanding the fact that the organizational and political heft behind the push for council districts is coming from a coalition of left-wing political organizations and figures such as OCCORD, UNITE-HERE, the Democratic Party of Orange County, the Orange County Labor Federation, the ACLU, Dr. Jose Moreno, Amin David, Vivian Pham, etc. The smattering of Republican supporters serve as a tissue of bi-partisan camouflage.

Take this flyer for a “Rally for Anaheim” rally to be held March 22 at Little Peoples Park on March 22. The rally is being organized by two left-wing non-profits, OCCORD and Orange County Congregation Community Organization – with special guest Mayor Tom Tait:

occord rally for anaheim english

The Facebook page invites people to come and “Show your civic pride and join us to learn more about district elections in Anaheim.”

One of the organizers listed on the flyer is Marisol Ramirez, a director of OCCORD and an organizing intern for the militant UNITE-HERE Local 11. Here is Ms. Ramirez at last summer’s anti-police rally (organized and now-Anaheim Council candidate Donna Acevedo) waving a Party for Socialism and Liberation sign saying COPS: George Zimmermans With A Badge:

OCCORD Director Marisol Ramirez holding party for Socialism and Liberation sign saying "Police Are George Zimmermans With A  Badge."

Marisol Ramirez holding a Party for Socialism and Liberation sign saying “Police Are George Zimmermans With A Badge.”

This rally, of course, is part of the political campaign to persuade Anaheim voters to adopt single-member districts in the November election, as ;lawsuit plaintiff Jose Moreno pledged when the settlement with the city was announced in January:

Moreno said it’s unclear how much the citywide campaign will cost, but that it will likely be funded by donors and unions representing public employees, hospitality workers and others.

A spokesperson for left-wing union UNITE-HERE Local 11 promised a vigorous voter outreach campaign

Proponents of districts said they’re planning to go door to door, handing out fliers and trying to persuade residents one by one to support the measure. Based on prior election turnout, they will need to win over about 40,000 voters for the measure to pass, said Leigh Shelton, a spokeswoman for the Unite Here Local 11 union, which backs districts.

In my experience, left-swing groups and activists don’t engage with a political or electoral issue unless they believe it will advance the left-wing cause in general. And the Left is all over the campaign for single-member council districts in Anaheim like a cheap suit because understand such a re-structuring of Anaheim government is necessary to translate left-wing issues in city policy. They’re not trying to hide what they up to; it’s Orange County Republican activists and leaders who, by and large, choose to ignore what is happening – because to do otherwise would mean having to do something about it.