Left-Wing Litigator Cory Briggs Blustering At Anaheim City Council…Again

Liberal San Diego litigator Cory Briggs

Liberal San Diego litigator Cory Briggs

Cory Briggs is at it again in Anaheim. The left-wing enviro-litigator from San Diego wants the Anaheim City Council to take his word that last week’s vote authorizing the expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center was illegal, per typically breathless, uncritical disclosure on the local fever swamp blog.

This is the same Cory Briggs who alleged, on behalf of the radical activist group OCCORD, that city councilmembers who voted last year to approve the GardenWalk economic assistance agreement were guilty of violating conflict-of-interest laws. Briggs called on the state Attorney General and the Orange County District Attorney to prosecute those four councilmembers. Briggs was blowing hot air back then (as was subsequently shown). It was a request for prosecution by Briggs that – per the OCCORD press release — was “a required legal step before the filing of a private lawsuit.” Despite his utter certitude that conflict-of-interest laws had been violated, Briggs never (to my knowledge) filed a lawsuit – not surprising given the flimsiness of the allegation.

Color me unimpressed by Cory Briggs’ latest allegation.


  1. Why is a San Diego area attorney so interested in Anaheim issues? Is he getting paid by CATER? Has anyone determined who funds them and if Tait is associated?

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