The Devil Is In the Details

Notice anything missing from this poster, which hangs in the window of Lorri Galloway for Mayor campaign headquarters (photo courtesy of

galloway 2014 poster

It doesn’t say for what office Lorri Galloway is running. It could be a spartan design aesthetic at work. Or it could be a manifestation of bet-hedging in case she ultimately decides to drop out of the mayor’s race and run for city council instead – the poster works for either race.

Or I could be over-thinking this. Time will tell.


  1. you’re over thinking it; she’s all in for Mayor

  2. First Lorri Galloway should be for Balsam Avenue Kids. We need East Street Community Renewal Initiative to outreach with Balsam. Balsam Avenue Kids First. Break the cycle of Travelers street-gang recruiting Balsam Avenue Kids then run for Mayor. Don’t waste this window of opportunity, please.

  3. You know what else is missing from her campaign materials? Union bug. That is gonna play well with Labor. Or is that Lorri’s backhanded message that she doesn’t need Labor, a message sent only after they made it clear she is not to enjoy their support this go-round? Lorri wouldn’t normally jump like this without assurance from SOMEONE out there that she will get some backing. It does not appear that the usual suspects are throwing checks at her. Indeed she is embarrassingly light on the usual support. So WHO does she think is backing her play? Should we check the Eli Home donors and play a game of “one of these things is not like the others”..or do we check credit card receipts at Zov’s?

  4. Cynthia, Labor ain’t backing Tait after his support for the “pension reform”: measure that died. Tait’s record on labor is pretty damn awful. Lorri will likely get the support from most of the labor unions out there. Labor really has no other option.

    As far as the Zov’s comment goes, you guys are terrible spies. Lorri was having a breakfast meeting with her campaign team and her daughter and Curt Pringle came over to say hello, because that’s what you do with someone you used to work with on the low income housing in Anaheim and on the AJC.

    Next time, instead of spying in the parked car across the street, come on over to the Galloway Party and have a glass of wine. That is if you can get near it because it was packed.

  5. Longtime Resident

    Perhaps Jason Young is adding stalking to his lengthy list of criminal activity? It may be adviseable for Lorri Galloway to get a restraining order – is he outside her home now desperate to report back what she had for breakfast? Jason Young and Cynthia Ward are now reaching a new low – it’s getting down right creepy. Time for a real job folks – your obsessions are out of control!

  6. Longtime Resident you’re getting awfully close to slander. Wouldn’t want the court to have to reveal your identity. We were not at Zov’s spying on Lorri. A reputable source gave us the information.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      My, my. Aren’t you getting bold, Jason – not to mention the hypocrisy of such complaints from a guy who deals in lies, half-truths and smears. Please crawl back under the rock you live under.

    • Tait supporters have a different definition for that word, slander

      Slander: 1) Anything I don’t personally agree with
      2) Anything that isn’t to the greater glory of Tom Tait

  7. Matt – I can’t wait till your pals are either a. behind bars b. removed from office due to their corrupt dealings. It’s only a matter of time.

    Tell them to brace themselves for an onslaught of complaints/suits cause we have dug up a lot of dirt. You’re going to be in full-time spin mode as we approach this election. That’ll be good for your business right?

  8. Actually Jason. It’s not slander. Slander is spoken. Libel is written and that statement doesn’t come close. Your reputable source was wrong. Pringle just said hello. And you’re well familiar with libel

  9. No bullies – I moved back to Anaheim in January.

  10. I was with Jason, headed for his Anaheim home which I had not seen since he moved back to town, and yes we stopped to look out of morbid curiosity to see if Lorri had legitimate support. And I will say publicly I have to give Galloway serious kudos for style in snagging the Chamber’s previous offices. I also think her campaign website is the best design I have ever seen for a campaign. Back to her party, there is no way to stop or even slow down immediately in front of the Kraemer Building so we pulled into the parking garage, and popped our heads over the divider for a quick head count. We did not pack a lunch, or bring binoculars. Not exactly stalking. Certainly not as creepy as having “friends” lift photos and info from an otherwise closed facebook page and reposting on the internet.

    As far as Pringle playing both ends against the middle by arms length support of both Galloway and Kring, how did Galloway go from crying that her Eli Home would be closed and children thrown onto the street, to being in a position to tell supporters they are in escrow to purchase the ESCRI building, with a capital funds plan to buy the rest of their locations as well? And how many of Galloway/Eli’s new friends are Pringle clients not previously known for their support of Eli or Galloway?

  11. Cynthia, you just described Jason’s main content generation. He stalks Facebook pages and blogs about who “likes” a certain page. Creepy indeed.

  12. Typical Cynthia MO: muddy up opponents by taking her paranoid suspicions, putting them into question form and tossing them out like hand grenades. Slimy.

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