The internationally-famous Anaheim police K9 Bruno continues his recovery from being shot by documented gang member Robert “Lil Clumsy” Moreno, Jr., as Moreno fled from, and fired his pistol at, pursuing officers. According to the Anaheim PD Twitter feed, the German shepherd is walking on his own for the first time today:

Bruno walking


Bruno’s handler, Officer RJ Young pointed out (on the Anaheim PD’s blog) something to seems to escape a number of people:

Bruno, the police dog who made international news this week, “took a bullet that was meant for one of us” when he signaled that an armed gang member was hiding in a trashcan, his handler said Tuesday.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that either me or somebody else would’ve gotten hurt,” said Anaheim Police Officer R.J. Young, 36, Bruno’s partner. “Bruno did exactly what he’s trained to do.”

The gang member opened fire on Thursday afternoon, hitting Bruno in the face. Returning fire, officers killed the suspect.

Not only that, but Bruno also took a bullet that could well have hit an innocent bystander, such as a child or an expectant mother.

Robert “Lil Clumsy” Moreno, Jr. fired his gun at the police. There is no reason to believe that he wasn’t trying to shoot and kill them. In fact, given the circumstances of the incident and Moreno’s history, that is, by far, the most plausible and reasonable explanation.