How The Robert “Lil Clumsy” Moreno, Jr.Shooting Occured

In light of the parade of speakers who denounced the Anaheim police last night at last night’s City Council — as if it is the police who are the threat to the safety of residents — I thought it would be useful to re-post this account from the APD blog of how Robert “Lil Clumsy” Moreno, Jr. met his end last week:

Police identified the man who shot the dog as Robert Andrew Moreno, 21, an Orange gang member who was released from prison 10 days ago.

His rap sheet includes auto theft, narcotics violations and assault on a custodial officer, officials said.

He was killed Thursday when officers returned fire.

The action began to unfold about 2 p.m. near the intersection of La Palma Avenue and Citron Street when two probation officers approached three men.

Two fled.

At least one of them fired at the probation officer who chased him – and then the other who had detained the suspect who didn’t flee, police said.

Deputy Chief Julian Harvey said the probation officers were shaken up but otherwise okay.

As one of the suspects fled, he confronted a woman who was unloading groceries with her children, ages eight and 10.

The suspect brandished the gun at the children and threatened to kill them if they called police, Hittesdorf said.

About 3:15 p.m., Bruno joined SWAT officers in searching for the suspect. His handler had him on a roughly 20-foot leash when he gave the signal that the suspect was either inside or behind a black trashcan with a lid.

The suspect opened fire.

Moreno had been out of jail for only 10 days. He was a documented gang member with a history of violent criminal activity. He fled from police. He threatened the lives of an innocent mother and her children. He fired at the police. He was not a nice man, and obviously had no respect for human life or the rights of his fellow citizens. And let’s note that the suspect who did not flee and did not shoot at the police is alive.

And for those who tried to caricature the Anaheim police as uncaring and brutal:

Following the unrest of 2012, the police department instituted a policy where it would visit family members following an officer-involved shooting to answer any questions they can and provide them with information about the process that follows, including the District Attorney’s Office investigation.

Early Friday morning, police a counselor, a District Attorney’s Office investigator and a Coroner’s official met with Moreno’s mother and aunt for about an hour.

Police say they plan to have counselors in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred – and also at two schools that were on lockdown Thursday.


  1. [expletives deleted]. that is all.

  2. I submitted public comment and photo to the city council last night of Citron gang member Chris Estrada flashing gang sign with gun tucked behind belt. It’s very dangerous for our law enforcement and citizens over there.

  3. Your police department is not trustworthy. They have no respect for their solemn oath. Therefore, we need third party confirmation of this story.

    This isn’t rocket science.

    • Did the dog shoot himself? Just trying to clarify.

    • Sick of politics

      Maybe the dog did shoot himself. Or one of the officers shot the dog, then shot the suspect and planted the gun. And managed to not get prints on the weapon either. Highly plausible because gang members are generally nice people with many positive contributions to society. Whereas, the police officers contribute nothing. Other than putting their lives on the line everyday for complete strangers.

  4. “[Moreno] confronted a woman who was unloading groceries with her children, ages eight and 10. The suspect brandished the gun at the children and threatened to kill them if they called police.”

    Will Teresa Smith, Donna Acevedo, Genevieve Huizar and all the other gang moms and gang apologists visit that family and tell them they can’t criticize or speak of ill of Moreno? Tell that mother that Moreno really was a nice guy when he wasn’t terrorizing other people or shooting at cops or threatening to kill little kids if they talk to the police?

    It’s sickening to watch these women exploit the sympathy people naturally feel for their loss to attack anyone who dares to stand up for the police or speak out against gangs. It’s sickening that we have a mayor who is so enthralled by these gang apologists.

    • Support Anaheim Police! Do not sympathize with street-gang thugs or their culpable parents, graffiti vandal siblings or foul mouthed propagandists!

      • Some of your cops/deputies are indistinguishable from street gang thugs. So indistinguishable that they work in cooperation with each other.

        • You are living in the past. We restored police credibility in 2010. We support Anaheim’s law enforcement professionals as they defend our city from violent street-gang thugs who forcibly recruit Anaheim’s Kids into criminal gangs.

          • Someone in Orange County law enforcement is using criminal gang member types to commit crimes against residents in Anaheim/Garden Grove. Your police can’t possibly care about the gang problem while doing this.

            The city of Anaheim settled with you using our taxpayer dollars. You did not do a damn thing to change the harassment culture of this police department.

    • The term gang mom is amazingly misogynist.

      And if you think I’m here apologizing for gang members – well that’s either racist or just plain stupid.

  5. long time resident

    Clearly one of these bloggers has a grudge against the APD but if he had any credible complaints, they should have been handled in a court of law. If that wasn’t successful, then 18USC241 should stop making callous attacks against law enforcement in Anaheim. Sounds like a paranoid person looking to lash out at all costs. Anaheimn residents support APD, not gangs – period.

    • I don’t support gangs in any form – civilian or law enforcement.

      The Anaheim PD should never have participated in callous harassment of German Santos dating as for back as the 1990’s. This law enforcement community should have never applied their racist target and destroy garbage on me.

      Your ignorance about the criminal behavior of some in US law enforcement is willful on your part so spare me with the paranoid meme. Put down the OC Register and use Google.

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