The most contentious local measure on the June ballot will be Measure D – a measure to change the mayor’s term from four to two years, based on the recommendation of the Charter Review Committee.

Following is the Argument in Favor that voters will receive in the sample ballots. I’ll be posting the Argument Against and the rebuttals against both arguments. Let the debate begin!


If there’s one thing voters want from their elected leaders, it’s greater accountability. Measure D does that for Anaheim’s most important elected position – our Mayor. Please vote YES.

Unlike many initiatives, Measure D is simple and straightforward. It changes the term of office for Mayor from 4 years to 2 years, and applies the city’s term limits fairly to the Mayor.

That’s it.

While the Mayor would still be able to serve for up to eight consecutive years, changing the term of office for Mayor from 4 years to 2 years makes the Mayor more accountable to voters by requiring him or her to stand before Anaheim voters every two years and convince them they deserve re-election.

If the Mayor is doing well, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to ask the voters for another term in office every two years, should it? 

And if the Mayor’s doing a bad job, shouldn’t we have the right to vote them out of office sooner? It just makes sense.

The members of the Anaheim Charter Review Commission nearly unanimously recommended this change after consulting with good government experts and other cities in Orange County with directly-elected mayors – all of whom have a two-year term of office. Don’t Anaheim voters deserve the same level of increased accountability cities like Irvine and Orange enjoy with their directly-elected Mayors? We think so. Yes on D does that.

The most vocal opponents of Measure D are those who don’t want increased accountability in the Mayor’s office. That’s no surprise, but we disagree. In fact, two-year terms are very common for elected offices across our state and nation.

Measure D is a straightforward measure that increases accountability for our directly-elected Mayor. That’s a good thing. Please join us in voting YES on Measure D.

Todd Ament, President, Anaheim Chamber & Chairman, Charter Review Commission

Gloria Ma’ae, Anaheim Charter Review Commission