Chmielewski Pretty Much Nails It On The “Outrage” Over The Moreno Jr. Shooting

My friend Dan Chmielewski penned a post on the “outrage” over the shooting of a violent criminal gang member named Robert Moreno Jr. who shot at police nearly weeks ago and was shot and killed in response. it’s a long post, but well worth reading as an expose of the stunted moral thinking of those who are twisting themselves into pretzels to avert their eyes and mental faculties from the central fact of that shooting, choosing instead to rend their garments over a rash comment by Councilwoman Lucille Kring.

You can read the post here.


  1. In some ways I can’t get too angry with Dan. I was in engineering school while living in Irvine, CA. And I had an attitude and perspective similar to his.

    Then my parents and I purchased a home in Garden Grove, CA. And Stan Knee became police chief of Garden Grove PD. Randall Gaston became the police chief of Anaheim PD. Brad Gates became Sheriff of Orange County. And I found myself working on surveillance state engineering projects in OC/Bogota.

    And then my perspective changed to more accurately reflect reality. Dan is like a Madoff investor that has been defrauded. It’s not his fault.

  2. Now I’m morally stunted?

    Thanks, Matt. That’s kind of you.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      I didn’t say that. I pointed, in general, to morally stunted thinking about this incident. I didn’t say any person was morally stunted.

      • Given that Dan spent considerable space attempting to lambast me, it’s really hard to make the claim that you didn’t . . .

        I expect Dan to take something I say and regurgitate a notion he thought I said that better fits within his narrow world view that those who disagree with him are small, obtuse, and stupid.

        I don’t expect that from you.

        • And yet that is exactly what you are doing to Kring

          • What?

            I get pissed at her for a stupid statement– which she acknowledged was stupid– and you think I’m making her state something she isn’t?

            You can do better than that, Jack. If you’re going to throw a punch, throw a good one.

  3. Sick of politics

    That definitely hit the nail on the head. How anyone can defend the actions of Moreno is beyond me. It’s disgusting.

    • Who is defending Moreno’s actions? We just want the whole truth. Blindly accepting OC law enforcement’s version of events like good little unquestioning cult members is folly.

  4. And yet Tait focused more on Moreno than our officers or his passing reference to Bruno during his closing comments after the city was besieged by profanity during the council meeting – by people there to support Moreno and question the integrity of our police officers. If Tom Tait ever once gave our police the benefit of the doubt especially in the face of gang sympathizing mobs, I would literally fall over. Clearly there is none for the officers or Bruno, but at the very least, where is his sympathy for the children whose lives Moreno threatened?

    Ryan Cantors “offense” at Matt’s post is laughable given he’s engaged in Anaheim by attacking the character of people and council members im sure he’s never met. Taits sycophants have zero limits when it comes to hypocrisy and double standards.

    • This is one of those head smacker comments. Read, shake, smack.

      Alright, PC: Gimme a link to anything I’ve written that serves as a character assassination. I’ll expect your basket of mini-muffins in the mail as your apology. You either have me confused with someone else or you don’t understand the difference attacking character vs. attacking decisions. I certainly do more than my fair share of the later– sometimes not as eloquently as I should.

      Two tips for you.

      1) Wailing about anonymously about hypocrisy and double standards doesn’t exactly carry a lot of weight if you don’t personally own that accusation.

      2) Tait and the other council members are ultimately responsible for any discipline issues a LEO might encounter. Giving a LEO the benefit of the doubt BY DEFINITION is giving a prejudicial opinion on officer conduct– which would disqualify that councilmember from an evaluation.

      Doing so would be a reckless disregard of one’s public duty. As much as you might want it, council members trade in their cheerleading uniforms when they take their oath of office. It’s a shame that some council members take that responsibility seriously while others do not.

      We went through this in Fullerton. It’d be a real shame if you didn’t learn from our mistake.

  5. Moreno or fallout is the least of our problems. Israel Slugs Nolasco (backed by East Coast Kings street-gang) and Ponderosa-Wakefield Boyz From The Hood Sick Ones street-gang retook Ponderosa Park yesterday evening. I uploaded photos and also emailed photos of the takeover to Mayor Tait and City asking city to monitor gang activity and block streets at Balsam, Pauline, Anna Dr and Wakefield. Slugs pranced into Anaheim last week and has free reign over Anaheim and he is flaunting it. We are very disappointed at the City’s lack of plan to stop this.

    • Retook ? Didn’t know there was a civil war going on. Tomorrow I’ll go see where they planted the flag.

      • If you do pass through their territory, which I doubt you will Mr. 18USC241 because you are all talk and no action, you might notice groups of 5 or 6 soldiers posting. Ask them to show you their slugs.

        • “All talk an no action”

          1994-2001 Hanging out on Colombian moutaintops providing engineering tools for use by among other people the Metropolitan Police department of Bogota, Colombia. Slightly more dangerous than visiting Poderosa Park in the “happiest place on earth”. LOL

  6. People comment anonymously because of the blog thuggers Tait surrounds himself with that go after people professionally or personally if they dare disagree with him on policy issues. You ryan cantor are one of his cheerleaders so safe to post all day long under your name. Congrats. You are also a master of deflection. You regularly attack people but have you ever engaged those you attack in a conversation – or just take Taits version as gospel truth even when the city attorney, city manager and city finance director openly and respectfully correct his interpretation of city programs and policies. I highly doubt it and highly doubt you will answer the question directly. So feel free to keep smacking yourself…

    • The question? What question, son?

      Not that I accept your version of the events, but I’ll GLADLY take a councilman who asks questions, which are openly and respectfully corrected by staff, versus one who just rubber stamps anything put in front of them.

      You deserve the government you demand. If you demand a chair warmer, or five, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

      You need a new definition of thug.

      • We don’t have chair warmers – blatant character attack – we have four who govern and one who just votes against everything. I will take the four who move our city forward all day long over the one who coddles the ACLU and divides up our city.

        • Character attack . . . No, that’s a comment on their decision making capacity being liken to a warm chair. It has nothing to do with one’s character, but nice try.

          For the record, they move it in the direction their told. Forward, backward, side to side. Not one of them has an independent vision from the other three. That’s what makes them chair warmers.

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