Building Trades Council Wants Gadfly Litigator Diamond Gone from OC Democratic Party Post

diamond me tooReaders know Greg Diamond as the Brea resident who has taken up residence at Anaheim City Council meetings, invariably taking to the podium during public comments to hold forth about this and that. He’s also a busy litigious bee, buzzing around the City of Anaheim as the “general counsel” of Cynthia Ward’s non-profit political organization CATER.

Readers may not know that he’s also Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County (don’t ask me how that happened). Given Diamond’s predilection for opposing projects that create construction jobs, an important political constituency has had enough of him in that post and wants him ousted.

The reports that the building trades is giving the DPOC a choice: lose Diamond or lose the support of the Los Angeles/Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council:

TheLiberalOC has obtained a letter from the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council to Henry Vandermeir of the Democratic Party of Orange County that unless Greg Diamond, a lawyer and candidate for District Attorney, isn’t removed from Diamond’s Vice Chair of the DPOC North leadership post, the union will immediately withdraw all support of the DPOC. Diamond also blogs for the Orange Juice blog. The letter can be read here.

The LiberalOC has learned that other unions and candidates endorsed by the Building/Trades are being encouraged to join the Building/Trades union’s efforts to remove Diamond from his party leadership position, and while unions have complained about various members and candidates over the years, a formal letter demanding a member’s removal is considered unprecedented.

Other organizations copied on the March 31 letter include the CA State Building and Construction Trades, the California Federation of Labor, the Orange County Labor Fed and the California Democratic Party. The letter was signed by Ron Miller, executive secretary, and Jim Adams, a council representative for Orange County. The union is only asking for Diamond’s removal from a leadership position, not his Central Committee position.

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  1. He will probably sue them for removing him.

  2. You know, Matt– for a guy who is singularly concerned with the liberal plot to overtake Anaheim, you link to a website that’s dedicated to doing just that A LOT.

  3. Moral of the story: everyone but CATER seems to get it.

  4. Wow, Greg Diamond asks for ethics in local government and a cross party lynching mob ensues. Orange County, CA – one of the most morally bankrupt counties in America.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      What is ethical about opposing the completion of the 241 tollway? Or the Poseidon Desal plant? Unless you’re advancing the absurd proposition that to oppose Greg Diamond on policy grounds is ipso facto unethical?

    • Your comments are almost always stupid. Is that why you don’t use your real name?

  5. The DPOC should have canned him for clinging to Tait like a cheap suit. Anaheim Reps know Tait is in bed with ACLU and liberal activists – what has taken the county Democratic Party so long to figure it out?

    • . . . and thank you for demonstrating everything wrong with anonymous blog commenters.

      Libel for free; no consequences.

  6. That statement isn’t libelous. Diamond praises Tait regularly. So does Nelson. They are liberal activists. Diamond is a public figure. Tait is a public official. There are standards for libel not met here.

    • It seems Ryan might be spending too much time with the CATER folks, embracing their definition of libel. Someone should warn him about falling in with a bad crowd.

  7. I applaud the Trade Unions. Now its time for the Teamsters Union to step up.

    Greg Diamond is going after their jobs too, since they are responsible for transporting the materials to the job sites.

  8. Has Diamond raised $4.19 yet for his campaign?

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