Tait Tilts Against “Special Interests”; Hit-Lady Ward Threatens

Anaheim Insider here. The real one.

Tom Tait had a campaign fundraiser last week. It was mildly attended from what this insider’s sources have said: about 40 people, give or take. Many were family members or staff, along with those you’d expect: Amin David, Jose Moreno, Cynthia Ward; the mayor’s personal clique of supporters more than neighborhood representation. No surprising given how the mayor has progressively alienated his supporters.

Tait touched on the topic of his opponents. He took partial credit for Councilwoman Lucille Kring’s election in 2012 and called her a flip-flopper, and mentioned Lorri Galloway as his friend and colleague who decided to run against him.

Tait kept up his pitching for the Democrats’ pet party-building project in central OC: by-district council election in Anaheim. he pointed out that by-district elections would be on the November ballot and thanked Jose Moreno, the liberal ethnic politician whose lawsuit against Anaheim cost the taxpayers almost $3 million. Tait said by-districts elections would give everyone a voice; someone might let him know that the same number of people can vote in both at-large and by-district elections.

Citing his friend Amin David, the mayor said the money going to the Convention Center and Angels could be used to build several Tiger Woods Learning Centers. [Is the mayor planning to float a bond to pay for dotting Anaheim with Tiger Woods Learning Centers? How does he plan to pay for that bond when conventions pass up Anaheim in favor of city with bigger facilities? Is public education the business of city government? How does the mayor know the amount of money going to the Angels when the city doesn’t have an agreement with the Angels?]

The mayor proposed a major new entitlement program for the city to fund: free college tuition for any student graduating from high school in Anaheim. He got this idea while attending a conference in Washington DC with, once again, Jose Moreno. Moreno’s leftism seems to be rubbing off on the mayor.

Given his influence on the mayor, don’t be surprised if Moreno ends up the other half of his council candidate slate.

Our Mayor criticized his council colleagues as representatives of “special interests” and accused them of giveaways on the GardenWalk project, the Convention Center expansion and the Angels negotiations.

After tearing down his council colleagues, the mayor turned to his favorites subject, kindness, talking about a homeopathic doctor who said you can either heal the body or enable the body to heal itself. The mayor said that instead of healing symptoms of what is wrong with Anaheim, the city will heal itself if we spread the message of kindness throughout the city. [Since Tait launched his kindness campaign, there have been riots, the most poisonous council relations in a generation, and council meetings with more foul language than a Richard Pryor album. Can we take another four years of kindness?]

The mayor wrapped it up by again attacking his council colleagues as special interest politicians, so he needs campaign donations so he can fight for “the people.”

It’s become clear that the mayor’s core re-election message is going to be running against “special interests.” Never mind that the mayor courted the support of these same “special interests” four years ago, and had no problem being elected with their help.

Threatening Noises from Cynthia Ward

Duty Now For the Future

Duty Now For the Future

Cynthia Ward is like the Frank Nitti of the Tait gang. She’s a Colony busybody with a need to be at the center of the drama. Now she has a non–profit advocacy group called CATER so she can pretend to represent some segment of the community. No one knows who is funding her and Greg Diamond, who does the litigating for CATER. Ward and Diamond aren’t saying, even though they are the first people to ask the same question of everyone else. Both are bullies at heart.

Yesterday she wrote one her gabby, meandering posts that ended up with what was either a veiled threat that reads like a teenager with a really big secret that she’s dying to tell but can’t:

At least, if there’s a bright side to her spend-it-while-you’ve-got-it budget proposals, today’s email message states clearly:

“This communication is not paid for at government expense.”

It is paid for by Kris Murray for Anaheim City Council 2014 #1339003.”

The LAST self-congratulatory message she sent out was NOT so responsible, sent out as it was by the Chamber of Commerce in what appears to be a potential violation of the Mass Mailing prohibition as presented by the FPPC.

Oops. Gee, I hope nobody is so “unkind” as to report to the FPPC what I am sure is merely an oversight… Well, if Kris Murray should wonder if she’s in trouble, at least prior to receiving the envelope from Sacramento that might be coming, she could ask City Attorney Michael Houston, who has previous experience in this matter.

Good luck, Kris, and enjoy your fundraiser! You might check with “Steven Albert Chavez Lodge,” but I THINK you can use campaign funds for legal fees.

Sounds like Ward or one of the unnamed CATER members she talks already has or plan to file a complaint with the FPPC. 

Ward isn’t savvy enough to figure our to do something like this on her own without outside political direction. No mystery where that comes from in Anaheim. Not that is says much about her handlers, who don’t understand the prohibition against mass mailers doesn’t to campaigns or private organizations.

Alternatively, she/they may well understand it would be a frivolous complaint and the real aim is draining Kris Murray’s campaign treasury, like Ward did with her 2012 lawsuit against Steve Lodge.  And in both cases, she’ll never tell who is paying the bill. Transparency is for other people.

Ward thinks she’s clever with the link to the 2005 letter from Houston (when he worked for Rutan & Tucker), but the Government Code Section 1090 mention in it is much more germane,m as it turns out, to Tait serving on the OCTA Board of Directors while simultaneously being a contractor to the OCTA.


  1. Stand For Anaheim

    What an amazing article. I want to know why Tait is constantly hanging out with people like Amin David, Jose Moreno, Donna Acevedo and Cynthia Ward and others who SUE THE CITY! This is ridiculous. They are carrying his water. Isn’t this an breach of his ethical duties to the city? This NEEDS to come out!! He invites them to events. They sit at his tables. They are the only true stakeholders at his events.Many of these people are GANG MEMBERS! (Is that the republican way?…NO!) I doubt they are talking about the weather and earthquakes. They are talking about politics. I find it hard to believe that he is NOT divulging confidential information to them. That is a clear violation. Anaheim residents should be OUTRAGED! Wait…isn’t he a lawyer? I assume his bar license can be pulled for that? Can someone investigate?

    Finally- I find his comment disturbing that he says his colleagues were elected by “special interests.” Look in the the mirror, TAIT!

    Am I the only one (and Anaheim Insider) that sees this and is asking these questions?

    • Stand For Anaheim, for clarification I carry NOBODY’s water, the “Breach of Ethical Duties” is a laughable accusation coming from people who defend the wholesale stripping of public resources for the benefit of Curt Pringle’s clients, including enabling the taking of some poor schmuck’s private property to benefit Curt Pringle’s clients which is beyond sick, I did not see a single gang member at Tait’s event last week, nor did I see a gang member at his December event, but I see plenty of criminals of the white collar sort at other events not involving the Mayor. Enjoy your arrogance now, it is temporary I assure you. And I don’t recall EVER sitting at Tom Tait’s table for any event in history, correct me if I am wrong. Where did I sit at his table?

  2. Nope, Cynthia came up with the Kris Murray complaint on her own. I haven’t paid much attention to it. But thanks for your explanation and grossly misleading “legal analysis” of it. I’ll be happy to file it.

    I wonder how people react to the idea that one side of this whole debate uses their own names and the other side doesn’t. What am I saying — they don’t. They’d have to be reading it first.

    Hey, I have a great idea — maybe Kris Murray should put this blog’s URL in her ads so that more of the public can get a sense of what sorts of people are on the Chamber’s side. Come on, Murray — embrace AnaheimBlog like it embraces you!

    (Or, come to think of it, maybe Tait should be the one to publicize it. Or would that be “dirty politics”?)

    • Hi Greg. Is Tait funding CATER?

    • “I wonder how people react to the idea that one side of this whole debate uses their own names and the other side doesn’t.”

      Like your blog’s “Anaheim Insider” anonymously accusing Lucille Kring of passing out drunk at events? Be careful throwing rocks in your glass house, Greg.

    • Greg is such a hypocrite. His blog anonymously claims Lucille Kring is a public drunk, and Greg comments on the story over and over but never criticizes the anonymous attack.

      That’s all we need: a double-talking hypocrite as DA.

  3. The FAKE Anaheim Insider

    I’ve had it with people who use my identity. The person writing this garbage can’t even compose a decent sentence let alone get her facts straight. A semi colon doesn’t make you smart. Being smart makes you smart.

    None of what’s listed here happened last week. Who’s your source– a deaf valet attendant who heard it from his cousin’s sister’s college roomate twice removed?

    This is the best half truth you can bumble out on your ten minute potty break?

    I guess we all have our moments to be proud of. I’m curious, which was more satisfying for you: Hitting “publish” or flushing when you were done with this post?

    Who am I kidding? You don’t flush. You let other people take care of the crap you leave behind.

    • Sounds like “Biff.”

    • If you know for a fact my sources are wrong, then tell us what was said at the fundraiser.

      • I know for a fact what you’re presenting here is a half truth.

        I’m certainly not going to clear it up for you. You can leave it up and tolerate a lie or you can take it down. Same goes for you, Matt.

        • Anaheim Insider

          Both you and Fake Anaheim Insider say my post is inaccurate, but refuse to say in what respect. Not very credible or convincing responses.

          • Look son, I’m not going to do your field work for you. You’ve got no reason to trust me, but I’m telling you that you screwed up.

            You do with that what you will. I’m not shocked at all that you’re fine with tolerating a lie.

            • Anaheim Insider

              You’re never shy about offering your opinion, or taking to time to type long rebuttals. Suddenly, the cat has your tongue. If I’m wrong, tell me where I’;m wrong. Otherwise, all you’re doing is being an attack dog for Tait.

  4. God help us if Jose Moreno gets on the city council! It’s bad enough he is on our school board. Why don’t more people see thru this man? He’s a fake and a fraud! He doesn’t care how much money he costs the city or the school district. He loves the attention it gets him! Let’s send this man packing out of our city.

  5. No Anaheim Jack, Tom Tait is not funding CATER although it would be perfectly legal if he wanted to participate. We have never asked him, he is a very busy man who doesn’t need another project or financial responsibility on his plate, but that might be a good idea, I will keep that in mind.

    Anyone recall Curt Pringle being the ringleader at SOAR during the early days? There was a press conference at the Chamber office, with Curt Pringle, Harry Sidhu, Tom Daly, Lou Correa, a bunch of elected leaders stood together in the belief that the Council majority was dead wrong on their SunCal vote, and it is the right of citizens to disagree with their government and right those wrongs using the law if necessary. Yet even at the height of the animosity back then, of all the inane arguments flung around by Matt Cunningham on behalf of SunCal, Curt Pringle being in conflict for serving with SOAR and buddying it up with Disney while Disney had an active lawsuit against the City of Anaheim was NEVER a topic for discussion. Funny the way some folks think their sin looks worse on others, even more bizarre when Tait has not participated in anything other than inviting me for a few bites of chewy pizza and one Coke. But hey, you gotta come up with SOMETHING in opposition to CATER so you can defend the City of Anaheim’s repetitive habit of breaking the law in pursuit of getting what the Majority wants.

    As far as Murray’s FPPC complaint, which is a reality not a threat, you are correct that I did not think it up myself, I was taught about that violation when I took the ethics course required for my service on the Cemetery District, the classes are the same for appointed officials as elected, and I took notes. When the Chamber clogged our mailboxes with glossy spin pieces and Murray’s smiling mug at taxpayer expense, it triggered the memory. The complaint is nearly done formatting, let’s see, do I have it all?

    Chamber accepts public funds. Check.
    Tangible item. Check.
    Mailed to at least 200 addresses. Check.
    Public official name and/or photo included. Check.
    Official participated in the mail piece. Check.

    That about does it. Now to look into the newspaper ad in the Register, “thanking” the Council majority for their yes vote on the Convention Center, using the Chamber 501c6 account and not the PAC account. Hmm….I admit I am not sure if that is a campaign expense, pretty sure it is not the “public service” Chamber wants to claim it is.

    And there is another Brown Act violation on deck, these people have been BUSY. Matt you will be especially interested in this one, and where it leads back to.

    Gee, I wonder where I might find a lawyer at this hour…..

    Hey great investigative reporting Insider, you might want to have someone spell check you next time, though. Have a good day.

    • Cynthia,

      I don’t mind acknowledging that neither Tom Tait nor anyone else with a fiduciary relationship to the City of Anaheim has provided any money to CATER because it is reasonable for us to give assurance that that fiduciary relationship has not been violated.

      Beyond that, you and I (except in moments of weakness that we will both try to avoid) are done here. We’re not going to take questions from anonymous (and likely paid) agents of the people violating the law.

      The City’s attorney will be able to ask questions in depositions — as will we. Until then, they can howl as much as they’d like; no one with any sense should take them seriously.

      One point made above does trouble me. As you know, I was troubled by the anonymous accusation on OJB about Kring getting soused (and loose-lipped) in public. That accusation ideally shouldn’t be anonymous — so the people working on that list of witnesses should move along with it.

      No need to reply here, of course.

      • Dan Chmielewski

        You should be concerned Greg; that post is actually libel. I contacted both Ms. Kring and Mr. Pringle to ask if there were any events hosted by Mr. Pringle that Ms. Kring attended where alcohol was served.

        From the OJ post: “Three sheets to the wind? Yes, I’ve personally witnessed Ms. “Pop-the-Cork” passed out shitfaced at the table at TWO recent Pringle events. I know, everybody looks away, avoids the subject, but… THIS MAYOR THING IS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT.”

        I guess it depends on your definition of “recent.” Both Pringle and Kring tell me that there were no “Pringle” events attended by Kring in which alcohol was served in 2013. I didn’t ask beyond that because 2012 isn’t “recent.”

        For an elected official to sue for libel, what’s written has to be false, published with knowing falsehood, and published with intent to defame the subject of the article. This post meets that standard.

        As the OJ blog is clearly the Pro-Tait blog (have you ever written anything positive about Lorri Galloway?), and the post is written by an anonymous blogger, I believe Kring has your blog and the writer in a very actionable position.

        I’m not a lawyer Greg, but I have taken enough CommLaw classes and seminars to know you’re in trouble on this one.

        You are free to criticize any elected official on grounds of policy or dumb statements — all fair game. We’ve been very critical of Kring’s comments on the Moreno Jr. statements she made. But the difference is we’ve never published something like that with the intent to defame.

        • Dan – the source was Lorri Galloway. Lorri calls Vern with insider info and even gives him story ideas. So if his goes to court, Lorri will be involved.

          • Dan to the rescue again! Way to go champ!

          • Obviously I wish I hadn’t told Jason that, and you and Dan should take it down. But the (other) Anaheim Insider had other sources as well (for the three-sheets-to-the-wind thing)

          • First off, Lorri Galloway doesn’t say anything bad about anyone. And the OJ post is written in the first person, and it’s not her writing style at all. If it were to go to court, the writer of the piece would have to defend an eye witness account.

            Secondly Jason, since you and Vern both have criminal records and Lorri runs a non-profit that helps abused kids, there is a matter of who is more credible. Spoiler alert, it’s not you.

            Lastly, in spite of the Zov’s breakfast rumor you tried pushing debunked via three sources, you continue to insist your witness is correct More importantly, you have demonstrated you can’t be trusted with any sort of confidential information which diminishes your trustworthiness as a blogger. And if Vern told you Lorri was his source, it diminishes his trustworthiness too.

            Sorry, I have egged Lorri on to give me a juicy quote that slams someone in Anaheim. That’s not how she rolls.

            • Sure not gonna argue about this here, but “Lorri doesn’t say anything bad about anyone” … LOL… it’s just comical how Dan thinks he know people and he doesn’t. BTW I asked her about Zov and I believe her … it was crowded that day and she just happened to be in the place the same time as Pringle, They said hi. I didn’t mention that anywhere? Well I’m mentioning it now. I already told all MY friends.

              “Doesn’t say anything bad about anyone,” LOL. I have more fun gossiping with her than I do with anyone else but Lily Tomlin or the late Gus Ayer. You’ll never know Lorri, you poor little errand boy.

              Best for you, Lorri, AND Lucille if you let this fade away now, but … (sings to Tom Petty tune) “I got a feeling you won’t…”

              • Anyone notice a little dissonance between Dan insisting that I (Jason actually) gave up the identity of a source in a great journalistic transgression, and his denying that Lorri could really have been the source because there’s just no way she would so much as look sideways at somebody. Funny stuff, funny stuff… But he should really probably run and ask Lorri what she thinks he should do now.

                • Dan Chmielewski

                  Vern, I am saying I don’t believe Lorri Galloway told you anything. I don’t think she’s eye witnesses Kring at any Pringle events. I doubt she was ever invited to a “recent” Pringle event. That said,you made a case you told Jason she was your source and he blabbed it. What does Tom Tait tell you that you don’t share? The point, Vern, that you fail to get is you cannot be trusted to keep information confidentially. No one in their right mind should ever speak to you off the record again. And Jason is the one who insists his version of the Zov’s story is true

              • Matthew Cunningham

                Vern, YOU brought this entire tawdry issue to the surface with your post on your tawdry, self-important blog. You. Not me. Not Dan. Not even Jason. You.

                You can’t keep your mouth shut to protect a source (and I’m not making any judgment about whether or not that’s Lorri). You ask me to clean up after you, and now you’re trying to unload responsibility for it on Dan or me. Grow up.

                • I really don’t care what you do. I just thought Dan might, as a Lorri backer. But he’s too dumb. WAY too dumb.

                  • Matthew Cunningham

                    As opposed to your top-shelf political savvy. Because blabbing about your sources is such a smart thing to do.

                    • Dan Chmielewski

                      Vern, Matt won’t remove a post or comment if I asked him too and I wouldn’t do the same for him. You have demonstrated poor journalism ethics and your thought process that I can somehow clean up your mess is flawed. How drunk are you?

        • Whoops, I forgot to take a drink before reading Dan’s comment. This is going to lead to a terrible hangover.

          Why should I be concerned, Dan? I didn’t write it and I don’t own the blog. I would happily represent Vern if Kringle sued him, though. That would be one sweet, sweet deposition.

          Anyway, you still know as little about libel law as when you threatened to sue me for the same grounds. You win a libel case on a forfeit and now you think that you’re Lawrence Tribe. (This, of course, is the point where you tell me that your lawyer is smarter than me — and thus it is shortly before the point where your lawyer cringes and sighs.)

          While you are a bit of a socially challenged moron, so far as I can tell you ARE careful about libel — because you DO own your blog and you have more to lose than Vern does. (I mean money, not reputation.)

          Now, I’d love to write that Lorri Galloway completely understands, and has taken a prominent leadership role in combating, every single horrific episode of the rampant corruption in Anaheim that your bosom buddy here defends. I’ll be happy to write that story — when it’s demonstrably true. Sadly, you are in no position to judge. (Matt IS in a position to judge — but, sadly, what he says is a “contrary indicator.”)

          • Dan Chmielewski

            1. I never threatened to sue you but could bring action for you to reveal the identity of anonymous commenters which you threatened Pedroza with once.
            2. Deposition works two ways doesn’t it Greg. Imagine the questions Kring’s lawyer would have for Vern? Since Cynthia and you also blog for OJ, you’d likely be deposed
            3. My lawyer is smarter than you and significantly less arrogant.
            4. We never sued Pedroza for libel or defamation.
            5. Our blog is incorporated. Chris and I do not have personal assets at stake.
            6. The Kring is a drunk post on OJ is libelous. You’re cowards to allow those sort of charges to be made via an anonymous writer.
            7. You’re defense of the post demonstrates you’re sufficiently ethically challenged enough not to be elected to anything. Do the party a favor and resign your leadership post less you hurt candidates who have already been endorsed by the building trades. Then it frees you to endorse Tait which is what you really want to do all along.

      • “As you know, I was troubled by the anonymous accusation on OJB about Kring getting soused (and loose-lipped) in public.”

        You must have kept that to yourself, Diamond. You’re never at a loss for words, but you never said bupkis about how “troubled” you were in any of your comments on that post. It’s too late to be troubled after the fact.

        • So Sayeth the Oracle of Chicken.

          I addressed it in-house, Matt-Like Creature. You weren’t there.

          And, frankly, it seems to be pretty common knowledge, like Disney overpaying mightily for a bottle of win of hers at her store at the GardenWalk. I really wish I had been doing Government Accountability litigation when THAT one came down the pike.

          Now I see that Dan has posted above, so I’ll go have a drink or two myself before reading on.

    • Stand For Anaheim

      Thank you, Cynthia for basically confirming Tait’s behavior. Appreciate it.

      Now….go run back to Tait and ask him what else you should write.

      Arrogance? Being on the right side of ride has its advantages. Cannot wait for you to drop Tait like you have everyone else.

  6. Stick to researching old houses, Ms. Ward. You’re out of your depth here. Shall we take wagers on how many days before the FPPC sends you a “we find no violation” letter?

    Assuming you’re telling the truth about Tom Tait, are you being funded by someone with the last name Tait? Or a Wyoming-based business?

  7. Cynthia and her buddies are a bunch of bullies. They get off on feeling relevant and accusing everyone they don’t like of “violating the law.” They offer no proof, and go after everyone’s character.

    You are a miserable human being, Cynthia Ward. A nasty, pathetic, unlikable woman.

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