Will Ward File FPPC Complaint Against Tait, Too?

Anaheim Insider here.

Last week, I dismissed Cynthia Ward’s threat to file an FPPC complaint against Kris Murray. Ward is president of secretive non-profit she created called CATER. She alleges Murray violated the FPPC’s mass mailing regulation when the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce sent out an e-mail informing members about a Murray campaign fundraiser. Ward reacted by saying her complaint was “a reality not a threat” and presenting the reasoning for her complaint against Murray:

“Chamber accepts public funds. Check. Tangible item. Check. Mailed to at least 200 addresses. Check. Public official name and/or photo included. Check. Official participated in the mail piece. Check.”

Ward’s reasoning is faulty and will get bounced by the FPPC. But if Ward really believes what she is saying, then she should also file a complaint against Mayor Tom Tait because of all the invitations the Chamber sent out promoting the Anaheim State of the City event “featuring Mayor Tom Tait.” It meets everything on Ward’s checklist.

If Ward is consistent and really motivated by concern for holding elected officials accountable to the law, then she’ll file an (equally without merit) FPPC complaint against the Mayor, as well. She won’t do that, of course, which will expose her motivation motive as purely political: she’s trying to damage Kris Murray politically. Ward hopes to force Murray to spend campaign funds fighting an FPPC complaint, like she did with her lawsuit against council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge. She lost that case, on balance, but bled Lodge’s campaign of money that would have gone to campaign mail.

In this case, it’s a false hope. Neither Kris Murray nor Tom Tait nor the Chamber have done anything wrong. There is no violation and Ward’s complaint will go nowhere.


  1. Stand For Anaheim

    Great point, Anaheim Insider!

  2. Dan Chmielewski

    I expect a hearty defense of why its different for Tait.

  3. Cynthia Ward is ethically challenged. Can’t she get tutored by an ethics specialist before she files these silly complaints?

  4. I guess you left them all speechless

  5. How about if Anaheim Insider does his/her homework before coming after me? It wasn’t the email, it was a MAILING, a very expensive, glossy one, and it certainly DOES appear to meet the standards for violating the mass mailing laws. But you are correct, we will wait and see what the FPPC has to say on the subject. It is funny that you seem OK with Dave Ellis filing a complaint against me with NO basis in fact offered, you back Connor Traut’s inane rantings accusing the Mayor of voting on OCTA contracts (I checked, he voted AGAINST them, how is that a “benefit” to himself or his clients?) AND on the dates Connor cites for the Tait complaints, NO COUNCIL MEETINGS WERE HELD! But sure, let’s talk about accuracy.

  6. Careful now Cynthia or Greg will have to scold you again about speaking on a blog he cant control.

  7. Cynthia used to be friendly with Murray, Kring, Eastman and Brandman, and Pringle. At what point do you wonder if the problem is her and not them?

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