Measure D – Rebuttal to the Argument Against

Continuing our series of posts (here, here and here) on what will be the most contentious measure on Anaheim’s June ballot – Measure D – we present the “Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure D (which changes the mayor’s term from four to two years):


We urge you to Vote Yes on Measure D to bring greater accountability to the Mayor’s office and strengthen Anaheim’s term limits law.

Common sense says a two-year term brings greater responsiveness to the Mayor’s office. Yes on Measure D does that.

An effective Mayor should have no problem seeking voter approval every two years. Longer terms don’t make for better leaders. Good mayors can accomplish a lot in two years, while a bad mayor will accomplish nothing in four years.

Orange County cities like Orange and Irvine have two-year terms for Mayor. In fact, every Orange County city, except Anaheim, with a directly elected Mayor has a two-year term. Do you hear about them constantly campaigning instead of doing their jobs? We haven’t either.

Measure D’s opponents oppose greater accountability and argue Anaheim should be more like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, with big-city Mayors and four-year terms.

Anaheim is an important city – but we’ve kept the appeal of a smaller community. Neighbors still know each other. Measure D opponents may want Anaheim to have a big-city Mayor like Los Angeles and San Francisco “executing their vision”, but we want our Mayor to do the basics like bringing jobs to Anaheim, keeping our neighborhoods safe from crime, and maintaining our streets and parks. A Mayor doing that will have no problem getting reelected every two years. If they can’t do the basics, we want them out as soon as possible.

Vote Yes on Measure D to bring greater accountability to the Mayor’s office.

Steve Chavez Lodge
Board Member, Anaheim Hills Community Council

Craig Farrow
Retired Anaheim Police Sergeant and Member, Anaheim Charter Review Commission


  1. You have the ability to lead or you do not. I like that this keeps it simple, straightforward and to the point.

  2. I am in favor of a three year term limit for Mayor, Council Members, Governor, Senator, etc and President. Unless the cadidate is a left wing Democrat or right wing Republican then a one year term limit is plenty! More citizens should have the opportunity to serve their government.

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