OC Labor Fed to OC Democratic Party: Dump Diamond

The Orange County Labor Federation voted yesterday to give the Democratic Party of OC a choice: remove Greg Diamond as Vice Chair or kiss it’s support good-bye.

Such a removal of support would be crippling to the DPOC.

Diamond’s opposition to a range of jobs-generating projects was cited. Diamond – resident of Brea but a fixture at Anaheim City Council meetings – is also the lawyer for fellow gadfly Cynthia Ward’s CATER group, which basically annoys the city with complaints and lawsuits. Diamond’s and CATER’s opposition to the Anaheim Convention Center was apparently the last straw.

Dan Chmielweski has more over at TheLiberalOC.com.


  1. Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but has there ever been a job creating project that Greg, Cynthia or the CATER crew supported?

  2. Stand For Anaheim

    Kudos to the Dem party for seeing Greg blindly support the Republican. Now if the Republican party could get their act together and tell Tait to stop attacking Republican incumbents.

  3. Mr. Cantor – no one in Anaheim other than Cynthia Ward and Tom Tait give a tiny rats a$$ what you think.

    • Thank you for taking ten seconds out of your day to make me aware of that point. I appreciate it.

      Due in large part to your outstanding show of assertiveness, eloquence, and courage– henceforth I shall change my ways! Your creative use of dollar signs to bypass a local filter? Genius. Absolutely genius. Your pride in the colony shows through so brightly, no wonder you need not give your actual name.

      If Cynthia cares what I have to say, fantastic. I consider that audience well earned.

      I sincerely doubt that Tom Tait gives a tiny rat’s patootie what I have to say either– but thanks for the complement. I’m a blogger who writes a short piece every two to three months and comments on a blog that’s barely read outside of a very small circle of folks. Of course no one cares what I have to say.

      I mean seriously, did you really think I didn’t know?

  4. “My executive board voted to be in full support of good-quality jobs,” said Julio Perez, executive director of the Orange County Labor Federation. “I’m hoping that Greg or anybody else doesn’t jeopardize good-quality jobs from coming into Orange County.”


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