CATER: What Residents?

The Voice of OC published an article today on CATER: Concerned Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility. The headline reads “Residents Fight Stadium, Convention Center Deals.”

I have a question: who are these “residents”?

The article mentions two CATER members: Cynthia Ward and Greg Diamond. Only Ward lives in Anaheim; Diamond is a resident of Brea. The article repeatedly references “residents” in the plural, the average reader is led to believe CATER has more than one Anaheim resident as a member. However, there is only one known CATER member who lives in Anaheim. Maybe there are more; maybe it’s a Potemkin group.

Notably absent was any inquiry or curiosity about who is footing CATER’s legal bills.


  1. Cynthia Ward’s time could be better spent on filing lawsuits against criminal street-gangs.

  2. Good point – Adam and VOC should have to file as inkind contributors to the Tait campaign for the amount of supportive propoganda they post for him and his Anaheim ally (note I would have to keep that singular since most of his current allies live outside of Anaheim). What’s most shameful is how Tait openly aligns with and supports groups and individuals who sue the city he is sworn to represent and protect. Lets hope Kring or Galloway can mount a successful campaign and take him out.

  3. I couldn’t help but think the same thing when I read this puff piece over at VOC.

    Is Adam a member of CATER???

  4. If CATER and Cynthia Ward were harassing Tom Tait, Adam Elmarek would be harassing them to no end trying to find out who was funding them. It speaks volumes about the Voice’s agenda that Adam doesn’t bother with the obvious questions.

  5. I read that article, and the comments below it. It’s pretty well known, AND mentioned by Cynthia in the comments, that Brian Chuchua, the old respected Republican resident of Anaheim Hills, is one of CATER’s two officers. The other is Cynthia, a resident of the Colony. Two members who are RESIDENTS plural of Anaheim. Huge mystery cleared up!

    I’m not sure if Greg is considered a member. He’s an employee, their “counsel.”

    There are other members, who are Anaheim residents, but you don’t get to know who they are because you are uncool. Do you want to tell me who the above four anonymous commenters are? Thought not. CATER’s up against powerful ruthless enemies, and won’t give out any more than they’re legally required to.

    But, hey, they are getting pretty scary, eh?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Wow, Vern. TWO whole Anaheim residents. My point still stands that the article misleads the reader into thinking there is actually some significant portion of Anaheim’s population organizing to fight the stadium and convention center expansion votes.

      There are other members, who are Anaheim residents, but you don’t get to know who they are because you are uncool.

      Come one, Vern. It’s not like you’re very good at protecting the confidentiality of people’s identities. But, at least we know that the Orange Juice claque has caromed back to its “anonymous political advocacy is cool” stance.

      CATER’s up against powerful ruthless enemies…

      Gag. You guys keep telling yourselves that you’re the Davids versus Goliath, blah, blah. The ruthlessness is all in your camp.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      OK – enough. I give anonymous commenting a lot of latitude, but this string is going too far.

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