Measure E: Campaign to Legalize Safe and Sane Fireworks Gears Up

The cajuly 4 fireworks patrioticmpaign to return safe-and-sane fireworks to Anaheim is getting organized. On the June ballot will be Measure E, a product of the Charter Review Commission that would legalize safe-and-sane fireworks, which were banned by Anaheim voters back in 1986 by a vote of 56%.

The “Committee for a Safe 4th of July – Yes on Measure E” was formed on April 22. The same day, American Promotional Events West dba TNT Fireworks deposited $40,000 into the campaign account.

As far as I can determine,m there is no organized (or even disorganized) opposition to Measure E. And that is a good thing, because there is no good reason that safe-and-sane fireworks should not be used legally in Anaheim to celebrate our liberty and independence. Even the warring factions in and around City Hall are united in their support for Measure E (I’m assuming CATER hasn’t found some legal technicality to hang a complaint upon).

Some prominent supporters of legalizing safe-and-sane fireworks are also prominent opponents of Measure D (two-year mayoral terms) – which is interesting because one of the arguments they make against Measure D is it should be defeated because the voters already decided the issue back in 1992 and it would be wrong to re-visit the issue. At the same time, they support re-visiting the issue of fireworks, even though the voters already spoke on that issue in 1986.


  1. ” because there is no good reason that safe-and-sane fireworks should be used legally in Anaheim to celebrate our liberty and independence. ”

    Typo . . . or slip?! (feel free to delete this comment).

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Oversight from typing too fast. Thanks for catching that.

      I have always supported legal safe-and-sane fireworks. I was disappointed when the Orange City Council voted 3-2 earlier this month against placing a very similar initiative (at the behest of Councilman Fred Whitaker) on the November ballot.

  2. What a disaster if this goes through. Animals all over the city will be in a panic. Many people will have their peaceful home-life disrupted. I do not want to become a city that has fireworks; it is a careless cash grab, but that is why we have elections. We will see what type of voters we have.

  3. If any Anaheim residents have been in Buena Park on the Fourth of July they would think twice about letting fireworks back into Anaheim. Buena Park is like a war zone every Fourth. Families don’t leave their homes for fear of fire starting. The only safe and sane thing to do is stand by with your hose. Leaving Buena Park and driving home to the quiet of Anaheim brings a sigh of relief. Apparently the Yes on 3 group got plenty of cash to support the measure. I have received 3 mailers in 2 days. My vote will be NO.
    Thank you

    • Same way in La Mirada, Downey. This just opens up the doors for people to seek out illegal fireworks and shoot them off. I have enjoyed my last 2 years here without them, even still having a few idiots in my neighborhood shooting illegal fireworks. But if this passes…disaster.

  4. We are experiencing historic record drought, our fire season has been moved up by 75 days, and TNT Fireworks ponies up tens of thousands for a ballot measure lifting the ban on fireworks!?! This is very irresponsible on the part of the City Council, and the Chamber of Commerce. It isn’t about family, traditions, patriotism or anything else in the propaganda, it’s about profits over responsibility.

  5. After years of fires and medical emergencies caused by fireworks both legal and illegal, citizens voted to ban all fireworks in 1986. The proponents of Pro E are either ignorant of or choose to ignore those reasons. Looks like history may soon be repeating itself.

  6. Please vote NO on Measure E to allow the sales of so called “Safe and Sane” fireworks in the city of Anaheim. As a long term resident of Anaheim (I have lived here since 1974) I have seen the city with and without the sale of fireworks. While you cannot argue with the financial benefit the sale of fireworks brings to civic organizations, the impact they have on the health and safety of residents, both human and animal, is horrible. Consider:

    • Every year animals go missing and are never found or die because they are hit by cars. These animals are terrified.
    • There are many modifications that can be made to “Safe and Sane” fireworks that make them no longer either.
    • In the cities where these products are legal, during the time it is legal to sell and several days past that deadline, the emergency room visits go up dramatically due to injures directly attributed to these products.
    • With all of the noise and confusion caused by “safe and sane” fireworks, it is virtually impossible for authorities to enforce restrictions against illegal fireworks. For example, in the city of La Mirada around the 4th of July, it is very similar to living in a war zone. There are large, illegal fireworks going off for almost a week straight.
    • Disneyland does fireworks 280+ nights a year. Do we really need to pollute our streets and cause harm to our residents?
    • The amount of money collected by these fireworks stands is substantial and invites crime. This in conjunction with the issued caused by fireworks will put an additional strain on police and fire resources at a time when they are needed most.

    I only found out about Measure E last night, 5/21. Imagine my surprise when I received the flyer and after thoroughly reading found that “significant funding” for this Measure is provide by TNT Fireworks, a very large international manufacturer of fireworks. This is similar to Big Tabaco funding the repeal of smoking restrictions or Alcohol manufactures lobbying to reduce the drinking age.

    While I agree that celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks has been a tradition since the Declaration of Independence was first signed. Vote NO on Measure E with the “free” Disneyland fireworks, there is no reason to allow the danger to Anaheim citizens caused by the supposed “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

  7. “As far as I can determine,m there is no organized (or even disorganized) opposition to Measure E. ”

    Not true… with almost no trouble I found –

    I believe this is a very sneaky way of dealing with this – very little publicity in a mid term off year election.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Allen: it wasn’t really directed at influencing the outcome last night. If it was, I wouldn’t have sent it 30 minutes before the Central Committee meeting started. My intention is to educate committee members that the campaign for by-district elections is being organized and funded by the Left in order to permit the Left to capture control of the Anaheim City Council. Candidly, any conservative or Republican who cannot grasp that reality is in denial. If they grasp that truth and support Measure L anyway, then they are consciously, willingly abetting a campaign by the Left to move Anaheim (and Orange County) to the Left.

  8. I’m having trouble understanding the basic arguments for Measure E:

    1) Tradition. Anaheim voters overwhelmingly passed our fireworks law almost three decades ago. Since then, we’ve enjoyed Independence Day celebrations put on by professionals. We get the best of both worlds — great fireworks shows without the chaos and problems seen in cities that allow street fireworks. This is a tradition that Anaheim voters themselves started, and I think it’s a great one.

    2) Freedom of Choice. Anaheim’s way of celebrating the Fourth gives everyone freedom of choice. People who like fireworks have many places to go see them. People who don’t can still enjoy the holiday without someone detonating fireworks outside their bedroom window.

    3) Community Groups. Local charities have managed to get by for almost three decades now without selling fireworks. The vast majority of charities in California do not sell fireworks. There are literally hundreds of ways for groups to make money without selling products that injure kids and cause fires. Probably many charities would not even consider raising money this way. What good is it to earn funds to make the world better if by doing it you’re causing a bunch of other problems?

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