Photo courtesy of Dan Chmielewski

Photo courtesy of Dan Chmielewski‘s Dan Chmielewski published an update late Monday on the Greg Diamond saga. Diamond is – or rather, was – North OC Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Reader know Diamond better as the Brea resident who is a fixture during public comments at Anaheim City Council meetings, and is the lawyer for Cynthia Ward’s non-profit political outfit CATER.

The DPOC voted 35-15 Monday night to boot him from that post, basically on the grounds that he wasn’t doing his job. There’s more to it: the building trades started the cal for his head due to his opposition to policies that would lead to jobs for building trades members; this metastasized into the Orange County Labor Federation calling on the DPOC to can Diamond or lose union support for its 2014 election efforts.

From Dan’s post:

The Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) last night ousted Greg Diamond, a candidate for District Attorney and a blogger at Orange Juice, from his North County Vice Chair’s leadership role on a vote of 35-15 (final vote tally). Diamond was removed on several grounds. Among them taking public – activist — stands inappropriate for a Party officer, failing to drive voter registration and GOTV efforts in North Orange County, and disruptive behavior that adversely affected others in the Party.

References to OC labor unions withholding support from the DPOC or its endorsed candidates was not part of the case against Diamond, but was likely a factor in the votes by many Central Committee members. Activists generally don’t make good party officers and, with the vote, the Party has returned Diamond to his activist role.

Diamond first attempted to use parliamentary procedure to have the item of his removal stricken from the agenda and when that failed, there was quiet lobbying of members to seek votes.

TheLiberalOC learned from several committee members Diamond had contacted them over the weekend to see if they’d attend Monday’s meeting and how they’d vote. Diamond met with Party leaders for four hours on Sunday to review the case against him. A third party offered to have Diamond resign his leadership post if Diamond could instead retain a seat on the executive committee. The bylaws do not allow that option, so the offer could not be accepted.

In writings on the OrangeJuice blog and other OC political forums, Diamond has often made references that he wants The Democratic Party to be a party that polices its own. And that’s exactly what Diamond got at Monday’s Party meeting. A text message from one committee member suggested with Diamond’s removal that “the Party lanced a boil last night.”

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