Measure D: Tait Mayoral Committee Buys Slates For “No on D”…And Raises $51,000

Why is this man smiling?

Why is this man smiling?

The first independent expenditures of the 2014 Anaheim election season came from the Tom Tait for Mayor 2014 committee, which made $4,999 in IEs between March 26 and April 25 buying “No on Measure D” spots on slate mailers for the June primary election.

The Form 496 filed for the IE also offer an early glimpse at Tait’s mayoral fundraising since the New Year: since the mayoral/council election isn’t until November, campaign reports ordinarily would be due until June 30. According to the report, Tait’s 2014 fundraising has been robust, adding $51,099 to his re-election war chest – the bulk of it in March and April.

When you consider Tait raised $84,574 during all 12 months of 2013, his haul this year is pretty impressive – especially for someone who really doesn’t like fundraising. The IE filing only lists contributions and not expenses, so it’s hard to say what the Tait for Mayor cash-on-hand is – but I’d guess it’s a little over $100,000 at this point. 

A question prompted by this expenditure is whether it’s the beginning of a larger IE effort by the Tait for Mayor committee to defeat Measure D, or merely nailing down slates until there’s money in the newly-established Committee Against Measure D. 

Vote-by-mail ballots went out today. It’s a pretty safe bet that well over 50% of Anaheim voters will cast VBMs this June, we’ll find out pretty soon how much of his re-election funds Mayor Tait will put into beating Measure D.

Stay tuned.


  1. That’s $4,999 Tait won’t be spending on his re-election. Tait’s the only one with a vested interest in defeating Measure D; other than Lucille Kring, that is, and she won’t to spend any of her money to stop it.

    The unintended silver lining here is Measure D drains dollars from Tait’s re-election campaign. (Now the Taitbots will scream “that was the plan all along!”):

  2. A 2 year term is hardly long enough to find a way to endanger the remaining economic engines within the city. I see why he is doubling down on this.

  3. $51,000 in two months? That sure undermines Tait’s claim that a two-year term would force him to spend all his time fundraising.

  4. So they have done it again!!! Or rather they have really done it this time. What is Dr. Roberto Baeza’s crime or sin that makes him the target of one superintendent’s indecent behavior at the behest of one power-hungry race-bating school board-member, aka 2012 Scariest OC Person winner, otherwise known as the hypocrite himself, Dr. Jose Moreno. It is shocking that one of our most successful principals Dr. Baeza can be treated with such disrespect and arbitrary impunity. Less than a year after taking the reins of Palm Lane Elementary, he is being demoted, although not yet clear if to a vice principal role, or worse yet to a teaching assignment. This would be a blow to any lead administrator, both in reputation and pay. Is that the intent?

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