Conservative Talk Show Host Blasts Tait Over Angels Negotiations

john phillipsAnaheim Insider here.

John Phillips, host of a mid-day conservative talk radio show on AM790, took aim at Mayor Tom Tait on Tuesday, hammering him over the Angels negotiations. Phillips also spent part of the segment interviewing Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray. He tried to draw her into joining him in slamming the mayor. Murray didn’t take the bait and stuck to her message of finalizing a deal based on the negotiation MOU (although that didn’t stop Phillips from continuing to swing away at the mayor).

Readers can listen to a podcast of the segment.


  1. Reasonable Guy

    Tom Tait is just looking for free publicity since he has no support and no money in his re-election account. Thankfully we have four decent people on the council. He should just be ignored and politely patted of the head.

    • Really, slap your name on that comment. For stating something so obviously embarrassing, you really ought to own it.

      At least two of those four “decent” people need to agree with Tait for any actual obstruction to work. For being a reasonable guy, you sure are having a hard time counting.

  2. Proud Colonist

    Cantor posts to attach someone else’s comment but clearly can’t contradict the conservative John Phillips who put his name and his voice on the line to say the exact same thing. Tait is harming the City and John Phillips nailed it!

    • I actually haven’t listed to it yet, PC– but thanks for inviting a critique. I had assumed it was a waste of my time, but since you asked . . .

  3. Dan Chmielewski

    It was a pretty damning piece against Tait, Ryan. Perhaps you ought to listen to it first before weighing in on this post.

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