Photo courtesy of Dan Chmielewski

Photo courtesy of Dan Chmielewski

Progressives, those agents of diversity and tolerance, want to weaken the 1st Amendment of the Constitution in order to overturn the Citizens United decision, which they loathe with an intensity bordering on irrationality.

This anti-free speech amendment is being sponsored by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, who repeats the left-wing dogma that “Money and free speech are not the same thing, and it is a tortured logic to say so”. Try telling that to the candidate who cannot speak to the voters because he/she doesn’t have enough money.

This caused me to wonder whether this amendment is supported or opposed by those Anaheim gadflies who somberly lecture us that nothing can be done to prevent someone from yelling “F— the police” or abusing council members with nasty slurs during public comments at city council meetings?

For example, Greg Diamond – Brea resident, District Attorney candidate and perma-bloviator at council meetings — has been a staunch defender of the above view. He also considers the Citizens United decision an assault on democracy and compared it to “setting the theater on fire.”

Does he believe city government is powerless to stop someone from shouting obscenities at a council meeting, and at the same time support empowering the federal government with broad powers to regulate free political speech?