Measure E Watch: “Yes on E” Campaign Kicks Into High Gear

The campaign to return legal safe-and-sane fireworks to Anaheim has begun in earnest since vote-by-mail ballots started going out on May 5. The “Yes on Measure E” campaign has sent out two mailers in the last week:

Measure E mailer 2

You can see the mailers here and here.

American Promotional Events dba TNT Fireworks deposited $40,000 into the “Yes on Measure E” committee on April 22, and another $40,000 on May 7. Thus far, there is no organized or even disorganized opposition.

I don’t think there is any polling on this issue, but I’d be surprised if the voters do not approve it.


  1. In a year of record historic drought, when San Diego County is on fire, this is incredibly irresponsible. There are many other fundraisers community groups can do rather than selling fireworks.

  2. Huntington Beach ended their two year experiment with “safe and sane” fireworks. Fireworks were supposed to be kept off the beach and out of parks but this was widely ignored (which doesn’t bode well for trying to keep fireworks out of our fire prone areas if Measure E passes).

    The HB fire chief said the amount of illegal fireworks they seized tripled after “safe and sane” fireworks were allowed.

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