The June primary is 13 days away – time for a status check on the voting in Anaheim.

There are three charter amendments on the June ballot: Measure C (technical charter cleanups), D (two-year mayoral terms) and E (legalizing safe-and-sane fireworks). There’s no campaign for C; voter contact on either side of the D question is thus far limited to sate cards and an anti-D robocall from Tom Tait; virtually all voter contact on E has been from the “Yes” side, although a “No on E” mailer reportedly hit today.

Our rockin’ Orange County Registrar of Voters, Neal Kelley, has a website that’s chock-full of data  that’s updated on a daily basis (I believe). Currently, there are 123,091 registered voters in Anaheim:

Anaheim voter reg 5-21-14

Democrats have a slight edge, but given lower turnout among that’s party’s voters, Republicans have a practical advantage. [Side-note: this is why the Left is hell-bent on carving the city into single-member council districts based on racial/ethnic criteria. Anaheim is the largest city in California with a Republican-majority city council. While that reality is seemingly lost on the much of the leadership of the OC GOP, Democrats are keenly aware of it – and are doing something about it. If Anaheim does move to single-member council districts, look for the city council to move to a Democratic majority within a couple of election cycles.]

A little more than half of Anaheim voters – 64,350 cast vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots:

Anaheim VBM 5-21

Again, Democrats enjoy a small numerical advantage.

Orange County began sending out VBM ballots on May 5 – the first day allowed by state law. 

Anaheim VBM returned 5-21

4,225 VBMs have been cast thus far, which is slightly below the county-wide return rate (6.5% v 8.9%). Note that while there are more Democratic than GOP vote-by-mail voters in Anaheim, more Republicans than Democrats are returning their ballots.