Measure E Mailbox: Two More “Yes on E” Pieces In The Mail

The campaign to bring safe-and-sane fireworks back to Anaheim continues, as the “Yes on Measure E” campaign has dropped two more pieces of mail.

This piece landed in mailboxes late last week:


A fourth mailer targeting Anaheim Hills voters hit mailboxes this week:



Since a significant concern among Anaheim Hills will be fire danger (and the recent wildfire in Temecula is probably giving at least some Hills voters pause about Measure), this mailer specifically addresses that concern by pointing to provisions in Measure E to allow the City Council to prohibit the use of even safe-and-sane fireworks in Anaheim Hills.

Measure E has been endorsed by four of the five members of the City Council:

  • Gail Eastman
  • Kris Murray
  • Lucille Kring
  • Jordan Brandman


  1. Grant Henninger

    I look forward to seeing the mailer that targets Anaheim Hills residents. The biggest concern I have is the increased fire danger, especially right now with our year-round fire season due to drought. From everyone I’ve talked to in the hills about this, fire is their #1 concern and most don’t think allowing fireworks in Anaheim is a good idea. I’m open to hearing how Measure E protects the Hills from increased fire risk, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to get Anaheim Hills residents to support this measure.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      The City Council would act to prohibit any fireworks in the Hills.

      • Melanie Pollak

        Even if the City Council prohibited fireworks in the Hills, Anaheim proper is not immune to fires. We are in a historic record drought, which means it’s dry everywhere.

        Also, I’m having a bit of an issue understanding the financial arguement in favor of Measure E. How will it bring up to $350K to Anaheim community groups if Fullerton, Villa Park and other surrounding areas are selling fireworks. The increased availability will not result in increased sales, it will just draw sales away from existing fireworks stands.

        Why hasn’t the “Yes on E” camp published any financials showing the yearly sales to these community groups? If they are nonprofits then their yearly budgets have to be public, so where is the paperwork?

        Where did the $350K per year come from, which organizations expect to benefit, and what is the percentage of sales that TNT Fireworks will be getting as opposed to the community organization? Have these organizations researched other fundraisers that have less of a risk to public health and safety?

        These are all vital questions that the glossy mailers and cheerleading “Yes on E” website seems to omit.

  2. Please vote NO on Measure E to allow the sales of so called “Safe and Sane” fireworks in the city of Anaheim. As a long term resident of Anaheim (I have lived here since 1974) I have seen the city with and without the sale of fireworks. While you cannot argue with the financial benefit the sale of fireworks brings to civic organizations, the impact they have on the health and safety of residents, both human and animal, is horrible. Consider:

    • Every year animals go missing and are never found or die because they are hit by cars. These animals are terrified.
    • There are many modifications that can be made to “Safe and Sane” fireworks that make them no longer either.
    • In the cities where these products are legal, during the time it is legal to sell and several days past that deadline, the emergency room visits go up dramatically due to injures directly attributed to these products.
    • With all of the noise and confusion caused by “safe and sane” fireworks, it is virtually impossible for authorities to enforce restrictions against illegal fireworks. For example, in the city of La Mirada around the 4th of July, it is very similar to living in a war zone. There are large, illegal fireworks going off for almost a week straight.
    • Disneyland does fireworks 280+ nights a year. Do we really need to pollute our streets and cause harm to our residents?
    • The amount of money collected by these fireworks stands is substantial and invites crime. This in conjunction with the issued caused by fireworks will put an additional strain on police and fire resources at a time when they are needed most.

    I only found out about Measure E last night, 5/21. Imagine my surprise when I received the flyer and after thoroughly reading found that “significant funding” for this Measure is provide by TNT Fireworks, a very large international manufacturer of fireworks. This is similar to Big Tobacco funding the repeal of smoking restrictions or Alcohol manufactures lobbying to reduce the drinking age.

    While I agree that celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks has been a tradition since the Declaration of Independence was first signed. Vote NO on Measure E with the “free” Disneyland fireworks, there is no reason to allow the danger to Anaheim citizens caused by the supposed “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

  3. I have many concerns about Measure E, one of the big ones being the threat to Anaheim Hills. The way Measure E is written, it gets rid of our existing fireworks law but contains no specific protection for Anaheim Hills. The AH residents I’ve talked to think that’s too risky.

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