Some Outside Interests Are Better Than Others

Anaheim Insider here.

Mayor Tom Tait paid for a robocall a few days ago, urging Anaheim voters to oppose Measure D, which would amend the city charter so the mayor serves a maximum of four consecutive two-year terms, rather than the present two consecutive four-year terms. If adopted by Anaheim voters, it would go into effect immediately and Tait, Lucille Kring and Lorri Galloway would be running for a four- rather than two-year term in November.

Mayor Tait attacks Measure D as Trojan Horse for “outsider special interests,” which is a unique argument considering the lead signer of the “yes” argument is a life-long resident of Anaheim, and the other signer is a longstanding community leader in west Anaheim. Compounding the irony is the fact that Anaheim voters are being warned against “outside special interests” by a robocall being auto-dialed from Merced…300 miles away.


  1. Stand For Anaheim

    Any does anyone else neglate to acknowledge that Tait was elected by “special interest” money?!? So basically he is just using his BS buzz words to get people to vote his way!?! What a deceptive, dirty, political trick.

  2. Hypocrisy has been the hallmark of the Tait administration – while serving 10 years as a councilman, he voted for largest pension spike in Anaheim history and then votes against pension reform for all of the city’s employee groups over the past year, he votes for massive tax sharing programs to build Garden Walk and multiple hotels but now attacks his colleagues for every economic program that has come before them during his tenure as mayor, He votes for the bonds to establish the resort district, one of the greatest capital outlay in city history at that time but votes against the Convention Center expansion as “just another giveaway” – The one place he’s been consistent is opposing Angels Baseball in Anaheim. AND any look at his campaign filings shows his extensive financial support from “special interests” for the 14 years he has run for office – but his top supporters have sued his colleagues for accepting donations from the same sources.

    This man was raised in Villa Park – he should move back and run for office there, if he doesn’t want any responsibility for serious governance and economic development.

  3. In 2001, then Mayor Tom Daly tried to hold a $200,000 special election so he could be Mayor for life! There was so much backlash that unfortunately his ten years as Mayor ended on a negative note.

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