Anaheim Insider here.

Mayor Tom Tait paid for a robocall a few days ago, urging Anaheim voters to oppose Measure D, which would amend the city charter so the mayor serves a maximum of four consecutive two-year terms, rather than the present two consecutive four-year terms. If adopted by Anaheim voters, it would go into effect immediately and Tait, Lucille Kring and Lorri Galloway would be running for a four- rather than two-year term in November.

Mayor Tait attacks Measure D as Trojan Horse for “outsider special interests,” which is a unique argument considering the lead signer of the “yes” argument is a life-long resident of Anaheim, and the other signer is a longstanding community leader in west Anaheim. Compounding the irony is the fact that Anaheim voters are being warned against “outside special interests” by a robocall being auto-dialed from Merced…300 miles away.