Ward Wages Class Warfare Against Legalizing Fireworks

ward no fireworks for youAnaheim Insider here.

The irascible Cynthia Ward, along with Tait camp follower Brian Chuchua, makes up CATER, the non-profit that sues the city to obstruct policies that Mayor Tom Tait object to. Fresh from driving up the cost to Anaheim taxpayers of the Anaheim Convention Center Expansion, now Ward is waging class warfare against Measure E, which would bring legalized fireworks back to Anaheim after a quarter-century absence.

Ward sent out an e-mail today against Measure E. In her typically over-the-top style, Ward wages class warfare against fireworks, trying to paint the election as Hills elitists v. the salt of the Earth flatlands folk. She actually infers passage of measure will turn Independence Day into “Elitists Day!”

Ward makes it clear she opposes legalizing safe-and-sane fireworks, which she calls “carcinogen bombs.” For conservatives in Orange County, legalizing fireworks has long been an issue where rhetoric is supposed to meet the road. All the Fullerton libertarian-conservatives types Ward is super chummy with were rightly gong-ho to legalize them in 2012. However, the conservative principles Ward pretends to champion melt away because fireworks once a year bother her dogs, which she cites in her e-mail as the top reason for her hostility to Measure E.

The self-anointed “Truth-Teller” twists the truth into a pretzel:

“Steven Albert Chavez Lodge announces he will be using the sale of carcinogen bombs in the flatlands to backfill his inability to raise money for the Anaheim Hills fireworks displays, in an area not subject to the impacts of the fireworks his group will be dumping into OUR neighborhoods.”

In Ward’s convoluted mind, Measure E is a sinister conspiracy of Anaheim Hills elitists to gull flatlands rubes into funding the Anaheim Hills 4th of July fireworks show by buying boxes of safe and sane fireworks from greedy community groups. She gets all that by twisting beyond recognition a couple of quotes from a mail piece targeting Hills voterswho have a more heightened sensitivity to brush fires. that makes sense because there is a lot more brush in the Hills than the flatlands.

Real vote of confidence from Ward in her fellow flatlanders, thinking we’ll burn West Anaheim down the minute we light off a “Jumbo Purple Rain.”

Ward is one of those who claim City Hall shortchanged the flatlands in favor of the Hills. Fireworks sales are a guaranteed way for flatlands community and youth organizations to raise money everyone agrees they need. Does Ward think that is less important than her dogs’ nerves?

Freedom, charity and American tradition? Or Cynthia’s dogs? The Corgis, no contest.

Believe it or not, we can learn something from Ward’s e-mail. Ward adjusts her politics to conform with whichever politician she’s following at the moment. Her opposition to Measure E correlates with Mayor Tait’s increasingly adversarial attitude toward passing Measure E. Even though he has long supported legalizing safe-and-sane fireworks, Tait is the only member of the City Council who has not endorsed Measure E; apparently due to the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce’s strongly embrace of it. Not only is Tait not helping pass something he believes in, but he’s making himself an obstacle. Personalities and politics trump principles. 

At least it’s out there. We now know that CATER’s “brain” (I use the term apocryphally) opposes expanding freedom for Anaheimers to celebrate Independence Day as it was intended to be celebrated, and had been until a generation ago, which is a good thing to remember as Ward runs around acting as if she’s the keeper of the conservative flame.


  1. Cynthia Ward is a miserable harpy. If Allen Wilson is looking for a hypocrite, he need look no farther than Cynthia.

  2. Legal fireworks would help to diminish the quantity of illegal fireworks – and would help worthwhile charitable organizations raise funds.

  3. Proud Colonist

    Tait voted to put all of the charter reforms on the ballot and he now runs around acting like it was all done against him. He’s such a fraud.

  4. Reasonable Guy

    Cynthia Ward uses race on every issue. Clearly she follows Tom Tait’s lead…..”Hate Speech is Free Speech”

  5. Tedious, Tedious Tedious Woman… I do feel sorry for her dogs, living with her and listening to her drone on and on

  6. Measure E will help charity and community groups.

    CATER opposes.

    I guess attacking tourism wasn’t enough. The track record of this group and their champion, Tait is incredible. It really boggles the mind that a group like this exists and operates with such reckless abandon for the needs of the city.

  7. Cynthia posted her crazy screed on Orange Juice. Check it out. The moonbats are adding their craziness, led by nutty David Zenger who sees Curt Pringle behind everything.

  8. On the heels of Memorial Day, Cynthia Ward declares Anaheim a “war zone” because her dogs don’t like the loud noises of people celebrating independence.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    Respect for the brave men and women that serve in real war zones: 0

    • . . . while she spent Memorial Day cleaning up a Veteran’s Memorial in Santa Ana . . .

      Don’t forget to scrape your boot. That wasn’t gum you just stepped in.

      While I know my credibility on this blog is worth less than what you just stepped in, I think we can all agree that you took a step to far with this comment.

      • So what? Are you saying mean, nasty people don’t do good things once in a while?

      • Direct quote:

        “Anaheim becomes such a horrific war zone for a month every summer…”

        Seriously? A horrific war zone? Might she care to take these complaints to those serving over seas?

        Remember, these comments are about a few fireworks during the celebration of the nation’s independence.

        • There’s a very large ocean of difference between poor word choice and “Respect for the brave men and women that serve in real war zones: 0”.

          I shouldn’t have to explain that.

          • Poor word choice? Understatement.

            By the way, her word choice also include:

            -Upsetting her dog deserves damnation to hell

            -Her dogs are representative of the People of Anaheim

            -4th of July causes cancer.

            -Wildfires in the Hills are inconsequential compared to her private residence

            As President of CATER and self appointed arbiter of appropriate use of public finances, resort expansions and professional baseball land use negotiations, this little insight on her views of “war zones” et al is enlightening.

            • Jack,

              I said there’s an ocean of difference between two extremes, with your prior statement being on one end.

              Your claim was WAY over the top.

              You don’t like Cynthia. OK, fine. I think we get that. I think you can also make your claim without hyperbole. She didn’t say any of the four things you mention nor does she have “0” respect for veterans.

              While I neither know you or your family members, perhaps you ought to let people who have been in a war zone define what a war zone is and isn’t: http://rt.com/usa/ptsd-july-fourth-firework-631/

              I think you’ve spent enough time scoring cheap political points today against someone who isn’t running for office. All I said is you went too far. You shouldn’t need a monologue to say you’re sorry for crossing the line.

              • Defending her is nice of you Ryan. I hope you apply this standard to all public figures in Anaheim discussed on all blogs.

                • I know that Ms. Ward serves on a county commission, but I don’t think that ought to qualify her as a public figure like you’d like it to. That does remind me– she’s working on getting Veterans their own cemetery in Orange County. Not something someone with “0” respect for veterans would do.

                  In either case, I’ve defended people who I don’t agree with before. I’ll do it again. I probably won’t do it every time, perfectly, or to everyone’s satisfaction.

                  You still should apologize.

                  • Matthew Cunningham

                    Certainly it does. The Cemetery District is a special district, not just an advisory commission. She and her fellow directors have the power approve budgets, compensation and hirings, and issue RFPs. She has to complete a Form 700 and abide by the Brown Act, conflict of interest laws, undergo mandatory ethics training.

                    So yes, she is absolutely a public figure.

                    Do you think her public behavior comports with her position as a public official? Her mud-slinging and penchant for personal attacks? Her habit of distortion and dishonest criticism? Do you think that reflects well on the OC Cemetery District?

                    • Matt,

                      That was not a window for you to enter into to launch a point scoring mission. I’ll leave it to you to start the thread on what public behavior comports with the position of a public official. You have more experience in that arena than I do.

                      I think Cynthia is allowed to have an active and vibrant political career so long as it doesn’t conflict with her duties as a commissioner. I don’t see her doing anything that’s detrimental to her charge or the district’s mission. I suspect you don’t either. I think we both know what conclusion that leads to regarding why you’re bringing it up: It’s not relevant.

                      Since you feel compelled to dive into this conversation with Jack, maybe you’d like to weigh in on the actual topic we’re discussing: Is it RIGHT to say Ms. Ward has “0” respect for veterans?

                      If not, where have you been, Matt?

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      Last I checked, this was my blog. As such, I’ve never promulgated the rules you’re making up as to who can say what, when, in a comment thread.

                      I’m proving a point: namely, that Cynthia Ward’s allies and collaborators are perfectly aware of her belligerent, often vicious and at times bullying behavior, and that they are loathe to discuss it and quick to change the subject when it comes up. It’s not just the lies she says about me. I have seen Cynthia publicly ridicule individuals for their weight and publicly call women profane names, for example. And none of her allies, who are so quick to call out others, ever say a word.

                    • Oh, I see, so this is really an attack on MY character. You can see how I’d get confused.

                      Well, there it is then. I’m a bad person because I don’t uphold myself to the same standards that Matt refuses to hold himself to.

                      Again, thanks for the lecture.

    • “War zone”?!?! What a racist comment! Attacking how Anaheim Latinos thing celebrate July 4, and accusing them of turning her white bread Colony into a war zone!

  9. How can two people upend an entire city?

    WHO IS CATER other than these two? if their complaints have merit, then so be it. Let the argument rise and fall on that, but why the need to hide behind CATER, some anonymous organization?

    • Mostly because of websites like this one that permit me and anonymous rock throwers to drag people’s name through the mud.

      There are plenty of folks who’d like to change how their community works without subjecting themselves to ridicule . . . like you see Ms. Ward being subjected to here. Some folks (like Cynthia) are willing to get beat up for it. Others aren’t.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        Oh please. Cynthia talks big about being respectful and civil and avoiding name calling, but she is very quick to drag people’s name through the mud. She, more than most, is culpable for the ugly tone on Anaheim politics.

        Just the other day, she was calling me a racist hater on Facebook. That’s just a downright lie, but that is Cynthia Ward in action.

        • Matt,

          Thanks for the lecture.

          You’ll note I didn’t say she was innocent.



          • Matthew Cunningham

            No but you are her political ally and collaborator, and she never comes in for a public word of criticism from you.

            • What do you want to hear, Matt? That she shouldn’t have called you a racist?

              She shouldn’t have called you a racist.


              • Matthew Cunningham

                Happy? I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t seem to bother you much.

                • Adding mind reading to your skill set are we?

                  I mean seriously, Matt. Are you even that bothered by it? I wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t brought it up.

  10. Let’s be clear. I don’t need Facebook to call Matt Cunningham a racist I can do it in person, and I am not apologizing for it. Those photos would not represent in any way a white middle class mourning scene and your argument that you accidentally posted that imagery unknowingly the day after Cesar Cruz’s candlelight memorial would be a lot more believable if it was a one-off event. but for years your MO has been to present the position of your clients by attacking anyone who disagrees with them. We cannot have a reasoned debate here because you refuse to allow it, reverting instead to juvenile personal insults, which I never understood until it dawned on me that this is precisely what you are hired to do. Let some other “pro” write the campaign literature making the case for the public, Matt’s purpose is life is to provide cover by attacking, as personally and as viciously as possible, anyone who fails to go along with the plan to strip Anaheim of its resources, assets, and peaceful enjoyment of our homes, for the tawdry profits of your friends and the crumbs they let you keep so you think you have a seat at the table. So don’t wonder why others want to help pry the jackboot off the throat of Anaheim but don’t want their names exposed trying, lest they be subject to the abuse they see others take.

    Do you know what celebration of all things American is an even more long standing tradition than lighting up heavy metals and black powder against the will of those whose health and well being cannot tolerate it? Speaking out against tyranny and arrogant leadership. Indeed that backdates the nation, it was the creation of this great nation. And what makes America great is not your ability to call me names and get away with it. What makes America great is that you are in the minority, and your number grows smaller with each day as people catch on to what you and the Kleptocracy are trying in Anaheim. That is why you are panicking, that is why the tone over here grows more strident. Matt Cunningham I believe you and Ament are busy selling black powder to teenagers in an effort to cover the smell of your own FEAR, as your opportunities grow as short as your bank account.

    Ryan thanks for sticking up for me, but don’t apologize for me. I meant every word I said about his hateful messages, someone needs to call him on it.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Thank you for proving my point about your wretched dishonesty and hypocrisy – not to mention how loosely tethered you are to reality.

    • What ugliness of spirit from Cynthia Ward. It’s shameful that no one can disagree with her without her painting them as corrupt and immoral.

    • Reasonable Guy

      I am disgusted that you are allowed to serve as a County official. It saddens me that you and Tom Tait continue to get away with your racist remarks. What’s your goal? More riots in Anaheim?

      Please pack your bags and move. You are not needed nor wanted in our community.

  11. Dan Chmielewski

    “Those photos would not represent in any way a white middle class mourning scene..” The Internet has thousands of examples of white, middle-class mourning scenes, most recently from Isla Vista..perhaps you missed them. Additionally, I see plenty of crosses, candles and flowers along stretches of rural highways. A candlelight memorial belongs to no single race or faith for that matter.

  12. Proud Colonist

    Cynthia Ward is deranged – she will twist anything to fit the lunatic fringe she represents.

  13. Dan Chmielewski

    a question for Cynthia; why wasn’t Tait in the photo with the rest of the city council at Bruno’s retirement ceremony? Bruno is a police officer who protected other officers and the public. He was shot and nearly died. Couldn’t the Mayor have appeared in the photo?

  14. Stand For Anaheim

    GO AWAY CYNTHIA WARD! You are disgusting, rude and TOXIC! Please leave Anaheim. No one cares about what you have to say.

  15. I have to laugh seeing Cynthia Ward, of all people, complaining about personal attacks and lack of civil debate. She’s either a total hypocrite or totally delusional. Does she have no clue that she is twice as guilty of the sins she accuses other people of committing? Or is it a run if the mill double standard: it’s OK for her to act like a beast because she’s the noble and heroic Cynthia Ward.

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