Anaheim voters have received a second mail piece asking them to vote “yes” on Measure D, which would change the term for Anaheim mayors from four to two years, while limiting him or her to four consecutive two-year terms – preserving the current limit of eight consecutive years as mayor:


Here’s the official argument in favor of Measure D, and the official argument against.

If approved by the voters in June, Measure D would be into effect immediately, meaning all the mayoral candidates would be running for a two-year term in November, instead of a four-year term.

The mailer was sent by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC. Other than this mailer and another “Yes on D” mail piece that went out last week, the only voter contact so far on this issue has been two “No on D” robocall IEs from the Tom Tait for Mayor 2014 campaign, slate mailers (Tait’s campaign bought those owned by Landslide Communications and his consultants John Lewis and Matt Holder; all the rest appear to be carrying the “yes” position), and campaign sides from both sides.