The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC has published its voter’s guide for the June primary: 

ACC voter guide for June 2014

Various Charter Amendments
Shall the Charter be amended to: modernize and remove outdated language to reflect changes in the City and law; authorize financial documents’ availability in electronic format; update matters regarding boards/commissions; allow setting City Manager compensation by agreement, resolution or ordinance; authorize methods for selling municipal property; permit City Council to delegate Treasurer’s appointment/removal to City Manager; allow Treasurer and Finance Director to be the same person upon Council approval?

Measure C makes several modifications to the City Charter. These modifications are designed to streamline our local government, create additional financial safeguards, close potential loopholes, and increase transparency at City Hall.

For these reasons, we ask all voters to vote “YES” on Measure C.

Change to Term of Office – Mayor
Shall Anaheim City Charter Sections 500 and 504 be amended to change the term of office of the Mayor from four years to two years, and to clarify how “eight years of service” is determined for the purpose of calculating term limits for someone serving as Mayor by also amending Section 503.5?

Measure D is a simple and straightforward measure:
• Changes Anaheim Mayor term to two years
• Increases accountability by requiring the Mayor to face voters every two years
• Limits Mayor to eight years in office
• This is the same as every other City in Orange County with a Directly-Elected Mayor
• Allows voters to reaffirm a good Mayor or more quickly remove a bad Mayor
• Strengthens Anaheim’s Term Limit Law
• Keeps Mayors focused on our priorities – keeping Anaheim safe bringing jobs to our city, and improving neighborhoods
For these reasons, we ask all voters to vote “YES” on Measure D.

Safe and Sane Fireworks
Shall Anaheim Municipal Code Section 6.40.030, which prohibits (bans) the retail sale, possession or use of safe and sane fireworks in the City of Anaheim except pursuant to a public display permit issued by the Fire Chief, be repealed and the City Council granted the authority to regulate safe and sane fireworks?

We support Measure E because it:
• Restores Anaheim traditions by allowing Anaheim residents to participate in a long-standing holiday tradition of celebrating our freedom
• Supports Anaheim’s Community by allowing the legal sale of Safe and Sane fireworks by charitable organizations that get to keep a large portion of the profits
• Is safe for the community by allowing residents to purchase fireworks specifically authorized by the state government
• Provides major benefits to Anaheim by not forcing residents to celebrate the Fourth of July in neighboring cities
• Received unanimous support by Anaheim City Council
• Allows City Council to continue to restrict fireworks from areas (such as Anaheim Hills) where Fire Chief recommends
For these reasons, we ask all voters to vote “YES” on Measure E.