Campaign Update: “Yes on Measure E” Ups the Ante; “No on D” Conjures the Specter of “Powerful Special Interests”

IMG_8079The polls open in about 12 hours, and Election Day Anaheim voters will cast their ballot on the three charter amendments on tomorrow’s ballot.

TNT Fireworks put another $45,000 into the Yes on Measure E campaign, hoping to persuade Anaheim voters to repeal the charter’s prohibition against safe-and-sane fireworks and allow the City Council to legalize them for sale and use. That brings TNT’s campaign expenditures on the Yes on Measure E campaign to $150,000.

There’s been some late, blog-based griping about legalizing fireworks, as Cynthia Ward and some of her gadflies complain that the Yes on E campaign has tried to address concerns about brush fire danger among Anaheim Hills – apparently not recognizing that Hills residents are next to open space and wilderness areas with there is brush, while the Colony is far away from those areas. Another complaint voiced is that it will be really hard to tell the difference between legal and illegal fireworks, thus making it hard for them to call the cops if they see someone using illegal fireworks. Here’s a helpful hint: illegal fireworks go up in the air and explode. Legal fireworks don’t.

And these are the folks who claim to the be true freedom-loving conservatives in town.

On the Measure D front, the Tom Tait for Mayor 2014 campaign paid for an IE robocall, recorded by my long-time friend Jon Fleischman, publisher of the influential state political blog Jon is also the president of California Term Limits. has a link to the robocall here (at the bottom of the post). Jon takes issue with on of the Yes on D campaign slogans, “Strengthens term limits”:

This is Jon Fleischman, president of California Term Limits, with a warning for Anaheim residents, and urging you to vote “No” on Measure D. Measure D is not term limits reform. Instead, it is an attempt by powerful special interests to prevent Mayor Tom Tait from uncovering their crony deals at City Hall. 

Please vote “No” on Measure D and protect Anaheim’s city treasury.

This message has been paid for by Tom Tait for Mayor 2014.

Gloriaski – why not say Measure D is an attempt by “powerful special interests” keep Mayor Tait from foiling their evil plan to fluoridate the city’s water supply and steal Anaheim’s women?  I mean, if one’s going to spin some campaign yarns, make them good ones!


  1. Powerful Special Interest

    That accursed four-year mayor term is the only thing standing between me and that glittering city treasury! If only I can shorten it to two years, there’ll be no stopping my crony deals at City Hall!


  2. Hey, look! Another reductio defense from Matt Cunningham. SHOCKING.

    Matt, how about you defend why it’s OK for the Chamber to run ads claiming Measure D is about strengthening term limits when it clearly does nothing of the sort.

    Why are they posting signs around Anaheim with what’s nothing short of a lie? Why are they so desperate to see this approved? What do they get out of it?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Get help.

      • So . . . no, you won’t defend using “Strengthen Term Limits” OR you CAN’T defend it?

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Neither. You have morphed into this belligerent maniac and I don’t care to engage you. You run around demanding others answer your questions, but deflect those directed at you as off-topic, irrelevant, ad hominem or some other lame dodge. You’re not here for debate and discussion but only here as an attack dog, so it’s a waste of my time.

          Tony Rackauckas has been a good DA and deserves re-election, but trying to convince you of that is an utter waster of time. I will leave you with this: I remember what it was like to have the kind of DA you and the rest of the pitch-fork crowd think you want. You wouldn’t remember because you were still in grade school. I remember terrible abuses of prosecutorial power directed at candidates and activists by a headline-chasing DA and senior prosecutors who wanted to nail pelts to their wall and were cheered on by people cut from the same clothe as you and Cynthia Ward and Greg Diamond. I will never vote to put that kind of power into the hands of someone like Greg Diamond. That you would even consider making that clown the DA is astonishing.

  3. Proud Colonist

    Strengthening term limits is exactly what Measure D accomplishes. There is nothing to be afraid of if you are serving the city at large. Mayors across OC that are independently elected serve two year terms and for some galactic absurd reason it’s too much for Tom Tait to bear. The Charter reforms were recommended by a panel of long time Anaheim residents. Tait and his friends are having a fit because they know he isn’t popular and he doesn’t want to have to run every two years.

  4. GO VOTE!!!

  5. rebuke to special interests

    Well the voters have spoken. Apparently Mayor Tait’s popularity trumped being outspent. The mail,slates and Pringle robocall all calling for popular term limit expansion was seen through for being the ploy that it was.

    I can hardly wait for the spinning to begin.

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