Latest “Keep The Angels” Full-Page Ad: Two Different Futures For Stadium

“Keep the Angels” has been running a series of full-sized ads on the back page of the Anaheim Bulletin. The first two were open letters to Angels owner Arte Moreno spelling out their appreciation for everything the team does for the community — economic activity, charitable support and involvement, civic pride — and the third focused on the indelible role Angels baseball has played in Anaheim’s history.

The fourth ad lays out to very different futures for the stadium and the community, depending on whether or not the city is successful in negotiating an agreement to keep the team in town:

Keep The Angels Ad 2 paths


A great ad that cleanly and simply delineates the choice facing the Anaheim.


  1. Stand for Anaheim

    This mess is all because of Tom Tait. What will Anaheim think if he is the reason if the Angels leave. Shame on him. Not very “kind” is it?

    • Hi
      The reason most teams get support is pride. I have no pride for LA.
      I have pride in Anaheim.
      The Anaheim Angels were winners.
      Let them go to LA.

  2. Sometimes I cant help but think that Tait and his crew are spoiled rotten by all Anaheim has to offer. There seems to be this sense that the greatness of this city is some sort of inalienable birth right and not something that needs to be fostered and developed. Anaheim is an incredible city… but only because people worked tirelessly to make it that way. Keeping up with his antics and it call all be undone.

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