CATER’s Co-Plaintiff Against Convention Center Listed Dead Man As Chairman…When It Sued Anaheim

Yesterday I referred to a July 2013 post on an Inland Empire blog reporting that at the time the Inland Oversight Committee (IOC) — CATER’s partner in suing to stop the approved Anaheim Convention Center expansion — listed a dead man, Ian Trowbridge, as it’s chairman.

As it turns out, the IOC publicly listed Mr. Trowbridge – deceased for almost a year-and-a-half – as its chairman until several days ago. Check out this June 4, 2014 snapshot of the IOC website via the Internet Wayback Machine.

IOC dead Ian Trowbridge


Keep in mind the CATER/IOC lawsuit was filed weeks before, on May 12. That puts the City of Anaheim in the unique position of having been jointly sued by a director of the OC Cemetery District and a group headed by a dead man.

Per the Voice of San Diego:

The website for the Inland Oversight Committee, a nonprofit from which Briggs frequently sues in San Bernardino County, posts Briggs’ law office as its contact address. The website lists someone named Anthony Kim as the organization’s legal adviser. Kim is an attorney in Briggs’ office. The website also names Ian Trowbridge, a San Diegan and a Briggs ally, as the group’s chairman. Trowbridge died more than a year ago. Since Trowbridge’s death, Briggs has sued at least nine times on the group’s behalf.

Sometime during the last two weeks, Brigg’s Inland Oversight Committee changed the chairman listing to “SD Fraker.” 

I suppose it’s metaphoric that CATER, after inviting this legal vampire into Anaheim, finds itself teamed with the undead.


  1. BigBoxOfRedWhine

    Amusing observation, but isn’t that one reason things in the business world are done through entities (corporations, partnerships, 501C whatevers,etc.) rather than individuals? For example, Apple Computer didn’t fold up and blow away with the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs, right?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Did Apple list Jobs as CEO a year and a half after he died?


      The Ian Trowbridge example underscores these groups aren’t really representative of anything other than Cory Brigg’s litigiousness.

      • I think it’s representative of the fact they don’t update their website very often.

        It’d be like saying you don’t give a hoot about Anaheim because you let spam posts persist on your website for 48 hours at a time.

        Equally ludicrous.

        But hey– let’s talk about something of substance. CATER offered to settle the Convention Center suit if the Council would put the bonds up for a vote . . . seems reasonable to me. Where’s the response?

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Hmmm. The rare occasion when a spam comment gets through here and stays up for a day or so…and a non-profit that engages in big-stakes, high-profile litigation listing a dead man as its chairman for more than a year.

          Yep – those are equally ludicrous alright, Ryan.

          • Maybe CATER can protest the new arena in Sacto too. Ward has lost a lot of credibility by going after SA Diego

  2. Matthew Cunningham

    Did somebody poke the hive?

  3. The OJ bunch must have sent each other a “go comment on Anaheim Blog” e-mail.

  4. And now Ryan will insist we only talk about what he wants to talk about.

  5. Cynthia Ward and CATER have hooked up with an out-of-town ambulance chaser. Nice.

  6. Hey, this is the only way Greg Diamond can make any money. Multiple lawsuits against the city with a hope of a settlement check that pays his legal fees. Happy Anaheim taxpayers?

  7. Seems about as ethical as Saul Goodman!

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