The “Keep the Angels” campaign has taken out a series of full-page ads in the Anaheim Bulletin, making the case for the city and the Angels to conclude a deal that keeps the team in Anaheim, rebuilds the city-owned stadium at no cost to taxpayers and generates economic activity on dormant city-owned stadium land.

Last week’s ad was a trip down memory lane to the 1990s, when the Los Angeles Rams left Anaheim for St. Louis:

Keep the Angels rams ad

From the Keep the Angels” Facebook page:

Rise Up Anaheim!

It’s Thursday and Keep the Angels has another ad in the Anaheim Bulletin. This week, we explore the tragedy of the Rams leaving Anaheim after no one took their threat to leave seriously.

We also explore two cities confronted with recent efforts to move their team. Sacramento, led by their Mayor, fought to keep their basketball team and won. Atlanta, whose Mayor was resigned to the Braves leaving, proved to be a prophet as the Braves are leaving Turner Field.

We’re calling on Angels fans to RISE UP and fight to keep your Angels in Anaheim!