OC Democratic Party Activist Seeking Top Job At OCCORD

Jeff LeTourneau

Jeff LeTourneau

According to a reliable source, Jeff LeTourneau, a long-time left-wing activist who last year lost a bid for OC Democratic Party chairman, is in the running for the OCCORD executive director position, vacated when founder Eric Altman tendered his resignation to run the campaign to persuade voters to adopt single-member council districts in November.

As amply documented on this blog, OCCORD is a left-wing advocacy group working to push Orange County’s political center of gravity as far to the left as possible. LeTourneau would fit right in with their mission to redefine the role of government in our society.  LeTourneau’s confrontational style would be a departure from Altman’s more convivial manner, but there’s little practical difference in terms of philosophy of government. If LeTorneau gets the job, OCCORD will remain committed to more government regulation and control of the economy, and immediate citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Keep in mind is a OCCORD’s ideological-bent attracts staffers who mourn the death of “Commandante” Hugo Chavez, the late socialist dictator of Venezuela.

OCCORD (via its lawyer, environmental ambulance chaser Cory Briggs) is suing to undo the economic assistance agreement for the GardenWalk Hotels that was approved last year by the Anaheim City Council. Perhaps “undo” isn’t quite correct; OCCORD probably has a list of demands it wants satisfied in exchange for dropping the suit. Extortion by litigation.

OCCORD has been on a hiring spree lately, In addition to finding a new executive director, the union off-shoot is shopping for a Communications and Operations Coordinator and a Lead Organizer. Got to staff up for the election!


  1. Keeping alive the tradition of OCDem wannabe’s turning to frivolous lawsuits to keep their name in the paper.

  2. The Price Is Right

    He is Greg Diamonds Brother-in-Law right?

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