Location, Location, Location: Proximity to Disneyland A Boon To Franchises

The OC Register published an article a couple of days ago reporting that – no surprise – that the top-performing stores in various franchises are located by Disneyland:

The Cold Stone Creamery outside Disneyland’s gates, at roughly 600 square feet, is smaller than most of the chain’s locations.

But don’t let that deceive you.

As many as 400 customers, including many tourists, come through each day during the summer. That’s enough to make the shop one of the top 10 performers among all Cold Stone franchises in the U.S.

In fact, the half-mile or so of South Harbor Boulevard leading up to Disneyland, laden with hotels and kid-friendly eateries, houses some of the top-performing stores for several national chains.

Those high achievers tend to be accessible, all-American brands that benefit greatly from their proximity to the Disney crowds – and the fact that tourists, many of whom are families on budgets, want decently priced food and goods, especially after an expensive day at the theme parks.

You can read the rest of the article here.


  1. And yet CATER wants to take every occasion to punish entities like Disney, Angels, Convention Center, etc despite their proven worth to the community.

    CATER: Trying to ruin Anaheim, one attraction at a time.

  2. This is a very weak article. They could have listed other chains and restaurants other than cold stone and drug stores not yet open.
    The article should have included 7-11, IHOP, Bubba Gumps, Morton’s, Ruth Chris, PF Chengs, Roy’s and many others, as examples of chains ranking as national leaders of their respective brands.
    And of course, Disneyland visitors push these numbers upward. But the writer misses another important set of visitor, ANAHEIM Convention Center attendees. These visitors eat all of their meals out and spend a lot of money in the surrounding area.
    That is one reason why expansion is critical, not just for the city’s tax coffers but to support the private businesses that have made a huge investment in Anaheim.

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