Council 2014: Is Doug Pettibone the Second Member of Tait’s Council Candidate Slate?


Doug Pettibone

For months, much of the discussion among politicos about the November city council election has centered on who would be the second member of the Tait Slate.

Mayor Tom Tait has been putting together a campaign to defeat his council colleagues Kris Murray and Gail Eastman and replace them with candidates of his choosing. Anaheim City School District Trustee James Vanderbilt was recruited to pull papers back in February.

On Monday, Anaheim attorney Douglas Pettibone (not to be confused with guitarist Doug Pettibone) pulled papers to run for city council. Pettibone lives in Anaheim Hills and his law office is in the Stadium Towers building. Judging by his $500 contribution to the Tait for Mayor 2014 campaign on April 24 of this year — plus the fact that the address for the Doug Pettibone for City Council 2014 committee is a few doors down the street from the mayor — makes it a good bet he is the second member of the Tait Slate.


  1. OMG. Tait recruits his neighbor in exclusive, gated Belsomet? Does the city council have a shortage of rich white guys from the Hills?

  2. If Pettibone actually gets elected, he will be conflicted-out of voting on anything related to the Angels, because his Anaheim office is right next to the stadium district.

    Even if he moves out of that building after getting elected, he wouldn’t be able to vote on Angel or stadium matters for at least a year.

  3. Proud Colonist

    I’ve never seen this guy engage anywhere in the community – so based on what credentials is he running to lead our city? Tait becomes a more despicable character by the hour with these moves to unseat two councilwomen who’ve served honorably.

  4. I’m active in the GOP Central Committee and never seen him there either. As a ballot title “neighbor of tom tait” isn’t going to cut it. Jumping in this late with no political or community credentials is folly.

    • wait a minute… are you saying Tom Tait would affiliate with a person who is a political folly???

      -Greg Diamond
      -Cynthia Ward
      -Cory Briggs
      -Jose Moreno

    • To Anaheim GOP: If you are active in the GOP Central Committee you would know that Mayor Tait is held in high regard there and the Council’s actions, including the tax break given to a hotelier friend and the now Auto dealership bail out, simply won’t fly well over there.

      If Mayor Tom can vouch for this candidate’s credentials, we will support him.

      Also, did you get a chance to read the OC Grand Jury Report on pension liabilities.

      Well, who do you think is supporting more of the same golden parachutes going to government employees, Eastman, Murray, or Lucille? Hint: I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine. or I’ll take care of you, if you support my candidacy. All of them!

      That’s a very Republican ideology there, enrich government servants because it’s sustainable and good government. Is that what you believe?

      • Are you from Anaheim? Have you actually seen what Tait does here or do you just listen to the sound bites people have written for him?

        • Yes, I am from Anaheim and a GOP central committee member. I gave specifics on what Tom Tait opposes. Do you also oppose? and please give me specifics on what Mayor Tait does that doesn’t follow the limited, good government approach. Enough, with the he hangs out with Liberals. So Scary!

          • The money Tait’s dad gave to the party is the only thing that keeps people saying he is a “limited, good government” guy. He has consistently worked to convert Anaheim to a Democrat majority council and freezing all development aimed at improving the City as a tourist destination. He has done nothing to keep the city competitive on the international markets and he doesn’t have the vision to understand what is required to grow the brand of the city.

            But the OC GOP Central committee thinks he is tops so lets all rally behind him!

      • That’s because GOP Central Committee members don’t have a clue what’s happening in Anaheim. They think this is the old Tom Tait, not the current Mayor Tait who is collaborating with the liberals and radicals to turn the city council over to the Democrats.

        • RJ: The OC GOP Central Committee and Mayor Tait know what is crony capitalism. In fact, Utah Senator Mike Lee was honored at this years OC GOP flag day and he spoke many times about the cancer of Crony capitalism in the Republican Party and in America. So Mayor Tom Tait has a clear understanding what’s happening here, the Central Committee and Senator Lee also have a clear understanding but you honestly don’t have a clue? Really! It is so obvious, so Los Angeles type of corruption.

      • Oh wonderful. The OC GOP will check its brains at the door and rubber-stamp whoever Tait trots out for their endorsement? That’s so encouraging. Maybe it’s time to re-register NPP if my local party is that brain-dead.

  5. RJ: You might be right on one thing, you are not a strict enough Republican. No true Republican would support a 158 million tax break granted for one hotelier friend. If you think that is free enterprise then you are fooling yourself. This is the same thinking that brought out Obama’s high speed train initiative and Jerry Brown’s California High Speed rail.All ways that are going to BK our country while enriching with money and power trade unions, elite rich Democratic Developers, money grubbing Consultants and spineless politicians. If you really support these type of government actions, you are certainly not a Republican.

    • Speak for yourself, Joe. My Republicanism is intact, thank you. And I can think for myself. I don’t salute and obey just because Tom Tait says so. And it’s not a tax break “for one hotelier friend.” It’s an agreement to help a business partnership build a luxury hotel of the kind Anaheim needs to remain a competitive convention destination. When did Republicans become against economic development and job creation? Tait used to support these deals. Does flip-flopping make you a “true Republican”? Does telling supporters one thing on issue after issue when you’re running for mayor and then doing another after you’re elected make you a “true Republican”?

      And Joe: does helping the Democrats change the council election system in a way that will create a permanent Democratic council majority make you a “true Republican”? Do you think so?

      Being a Tait robot doesn’t make you a “true Republican.”

    • Plus, comparing the GardenWalk hotel project to HSR is ridiculous.

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