Doug Pettibone

For months, much of the discussion among politicos about the November city council election has centered on who would be the second member of the Tait Slate.

Mayor Tom Tait has been putting together a campaign to defeat his council colleagues Kris Murray and Gail Eastman and replace them with candidates of his choosing. Anaheim City School District Trustee James Vanderbilt was recruited to pull papers back in February.

On Monday, Anaheim attorney Douglas Pettibone (not to be confused with guitarist Doug Pettibone) pulled papers to run for city council. Pettibone lives in Anaheim Hills and his law office is in the Stadium Towers building. Judging by his $500 contribution to the Tait for Mayor 2014 campaign on April 24 of this year — plus the fact that the address for the Doug Pettibone for City Council 2014 committee is a few doors down the street from the mayor — makes it a good bet he is the second member of the Tait Slate.